March 31, 2004

It was heaven!

For those ofyou who have read my entries, thank you!

I'm back! I arrived back from New Orleans last evening. Since my plane did not arrive until midnight, my hubby brought the boys and I met them at a motel room for the night. We made sure there was a pool, and we had a wonderful morning. This saved me having to drive two hours home last evening after the plane ride. :0)

My short vacation was wonderful. I met my sister-in-law there, and although we made a rule that we would not discuss diagnosis', children's symptoms, etc.... we did get some venting in as well. My brother's oldest is mentally handicaped and has difficulty as well. For Lori (Sis-in-law) having to deal with his ex is rough also. The ex is not diagnosed with anything, but should be. I would call it Borderline personality.

We were able to walk, talk, sight-see.... all teh while not having to worry about children! It is amazing that in extremely noisy situations, it can be so peaceful, and seem quiet. We were up early every day, and down late each night, often talking until after midnight.

We walked through the French Quarter and the Riverwalk, took a riverboat ride and a swamp tour. It was wonderful to enjoy nature and not have to worry about poopy pants, temper fits, sibling fights, or anxiety and stimulation levels. However, I am very glad to be back.

My Dalton was very manic and overly excited to see me. he was bouncing the walls at 2am! He has been very clingy and touchy feely all day, but not innappropriately. Even David was hugging me!

While I was gone, there was one big incident. Gene had left the boys in the car to run back into a store for a couple minutes. When he got back, they both had bloody noses. :0( However, for the most part they did very well. Dalton has even been pooping in the toilet for a week! Swimming is the motivation this time. I pray it lasts. :0) Daddy bought new underwear to celebrate!

I feel better, the time away was a relief, aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddd now, back to reality. LOL

Rule two of parenting kids like ours: Love them always, and take great enjoyment in all they do and are.
Rule three: Take care of yourself.

God Bless.

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