March 31, 2004

Naptime & Haven

The whirling wind has blown away
his agitated wonder
Activity, at present stayed
the silence he will ponder

A thoughtful meditation rose
and grew within his reference
Illumination, in repose
a moment of complacence

Unnecessary halted breath
soft exhalation heartfelt
Was unaware of others' rest
as weary bones were not felt

As windows to his soul waylaid
curtains drawn to privacy
His muscles strain no more to play
mama's boy drifts out to sea

Betty Jo Hilger

Copyright �2004 Betty Jo Hilger

After every manic period of excitement, Dalton always pays with sleep. Healing for him and us. :0)

Resting at the farthest reach, of the stand
of trees he waits, calling out to all with
hurting hearts. Sending out a lonely plea,
for another soul to share, in the solitary
beauty of his paradise. Holy creatures
watch and guard, against approaching violent
thoughts, protecting sanctuary from society.
Cathedral of his loving kind, would seek to
teach us how to live, in harmony, with our
Father's majesty. Reflection of a Mother's
soul, invisible to naked eyes, those who
search must find another avenue. Deep within
your heart and mind, reach with your spirit's
gentle touch, in search of the place where
you exist alone. Delve beyond and you will
find, the source of universal peace, where
all lives are equal, and unheaval is unknown.

Betty Jo Hilger

Copyright �2004 Betty Jo Hilger

There is always Peace and Grace available, if we look to God.

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