April 02, 2004

He has a BRAIN! I have pictures.

Hello everyone,

I survived, as did the boys, over three hours in the outpatient hospital today. David (sz) also has many hormonal issues he faces. For the past year, he has been under treatment by an endocrinologist back in KS. We jsut changed, finally, to one locally, in IN. for the past year he has been on HGH treatment for pituitary disfunction. The old endocrinologist, says due to head injury from all teh seizures he had prior to age five, his pituitary was likely damaged. He has also been on Thyroid, Cortisol, and Testosterone.

The new doctor wanted an MRI and a ACTH (cortisol) stimuation test to confirm his deficiencies. She said that based on her exam, he most certainly does not need testosterone, and that without the stim test above, he should not be on Cortisol. So we stopped both those. She did the MRI, as she said she has never heard of seizures causing pituitary damage. She is a pediatric pituitary specialist. She did say that with his growth, it is not possible that the pituitary was malfunctioning when he was younger. She did say that the test his prev doc did might indicate a problem which could be caused by a thalmic lesion. Hence the MRI. I got a copy of the MRI to give to his psychiatrist this afternoon as well. I have heard that differences to the brain in schizophrenia can be seen, sometimes, on a MRI.

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