April 15, 2004

BBAAAAAAAADD Mommy Strikes Again!


I admit it. I am guilty. I am a bbbaaaaaaaaaaaadd mommy! LOL

Got a call this morning from David's school nurse. His leg had fallen asleep in second period and when he stood up, he put all his weight on the side of his foot...... OOPS! So he was in the nurse's office, and would I please come pick him up? We should have a doctor look at it.

Me, being a bbaaaaaaaaaaadd mommy, asked if he was really hurt, or if maybe he just needed to sit a bit? anyway, picked him up, took him to the doctor. By this time, his ankle was swollen. He has a bad sprain. Bought a brace, and rented crutches, fed him Taco Bell, and took him back to school. LOL :0)

I always feel bad for feeling good when I get to have a "Normal" parenting experience. But he is fine, and was in a good mood! Hopefully this will translate to a good afternoon........ [fingers crossed tightly here]

Have a good day,

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