May 03, 2004

Four point restraints and more haldol

I called to check in and talk to David last evening, since we agreed that it would be best not to visit in person after his afternoon. The nurse said he was calmer, still upset. David was demanding that I commit to taking him home today, I could not do so, the call ended with him telling me to "F" off, and he hung up. He had also told me that no one would ever touch him with a needle again. He said the haldol made him hurt all over. I told him that he needs to talk with the doc about his reaction, maybe they can give something else in a crisis, if needed. I called back to talk with the nurse as I was concerned that this is the first time he was told this in no uncertain terms. I was told that they had told David Saturday that if he had severe outbursts that it was unlikely that hewould go home.

When I spoke with the nurse prior to talking to David, she was asking me if, and why hadn't David ever been long term care? I tried to explain that until recently, he did not exhibit this level of aggression. I was able to deal with it at home. This is the FIRST time he has ever bee this out of control in front of anyone else but us. She was questioning his diagnosis. That the level of aggression is unusual for schizophrenia. She was telling me that his pattern of paranoia and explosiveness is different from "Normal" SZ they have treated. I was told that most SZ patients when paranoid, tend to pace, get fearful, and isolate themselves. David gets paranoid, angry, and will fight his position to the death verbally. Problem is that he is crossing the line to homicidal threats and one step shy of follow-through. I did mention that we had been concerned that part of his explosiveness might be related to a possible head injury from all teh seizures he had prior to 5 years old?

My biggest concern during David's hospitalization, is about proper dx and correct treatment. We thought about mood disorder for David long before we heard the SZ dx. primarily because of the rage. Problem is, none of the mood stabilizing meds seem to cover????? his symptoms. We've tried Depakote, and Topamax, and Carbatrol, and Zonegran, and Lithium (although not a high dose of this one).

David has NEVER been even close to MANIC. depressed, upset, raging, volatile, but NEVER manic.

I thought for a bipolar dx there had to be some portion of hypomania or mania.....?

I got a call last night at 9:30, they had David in four point restraints, he was given another shot of Haldol, he got extremely upset after he realized he would not be coming home today, and lost it. Security had to "Take him down" for his safety.

I was told by the nurse that they are now working on a DX of IED. He was diagnosed with this by our pdoc back in MO before we moved, and prior to the schizophrenia dx.

A big concern I have at this point, is that he is still getting 1mg clonopin bid, with another 1.5mg at noon. They have reduced his Risperdal to 2mg, and he is only up to 25mg bid of clozaril. Essentially he is pretty much unmedicated! I was told by the nurse on duty last night, that they usually go "Slow and Easy" with meds, but he needs something NOW! We see his SW and supposed to have communication with the pdoc today at 10am. I cant protect my baby, I don't know how to help him. But I will insist that they be more aggressive in their efforts to try!

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Umm... there is proof that psych drugs cause brain damage. Sorry to say, but those aren't helping anytime soon, all they can do is knock him out.

I'm thinking it might be a more structural brain issue and if so, those can just make it worse. Not that I'm a doctor just that psychiatrists aren't the most trustable people in the world and I think in this situation it will be nearly impossible to rely on drugs.

We like to think that they cure everyhting but they don't. has some good information on that.

But I'm wishing you the best of luck on that and I guess what I'm trying to say is that the chances are that psych drigs will just make things worse in the long run.

Posted by: Ricks at April 20, 2006 10:21 PM

"he is still getting 1mg clonopin bid, with another 1.5mg at noon. They have reduced his Risperdal to 2mg, and he is only up to 25mg bid of clozaril. Essentially he is pretty much unmedicated!"

That line did send chills through my spine.

I arrived at this site essentially doing research into my own madness.

Never underestimate drugs.

Posted by: Syro at February 1, 2007 06:47 AM

I know what its like to be 4 way restrained. Its horribly demeaning. Humiliating, and very dangerous. After I was restrained, a psychologist, started thumping on my chest. He was trying to kill me. Lucky for me an emergency room doctor arrived, ordered the psychologist, out of my room. Later I understand that the doctor had the psychologist terminated, because I never saw this psychologist (him) around the hospital. The trouble with the DSM IV is, that it gives non-medical psychs the reason, to abuse vulnerable patients during crisis situations. Psychologists, and social workers simply are unqualified, and to abusive to work with patients in any capacity. In my opinion non-medical psychs like psychologists, and social workers should not be "practicing" healthcare at all, in any clinic, nor in any hospital whatsoever. They are simply incompetent. Documented research shows that psychologists, and social workers cause most of the stigma, and patient abuse on America's psych wards.

Posted by: betty.9922 at April 3, 2007 06:20 PM

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