May 03, 2004

We have a plan...

We did meet with David's SW and I did get to meet and talk with the pdoc while we were there, before we spoke with David.

Going over the meds he is on, doses (WAY TOO LOW) and what he has been on in the past. We discussed dx, and meds with the pdoc.

Looking back: just over a month ago, after David had been on the Risperdal for 3 weeks or so, the pdoc had me stop the Geodon. About a week or more later, he was more agitated and getting more so.... We saw the pdoc, and he added the Klonopin. After David was on this for almost 3weeks, he was still getting more agitated and paranoid. We had the emer calll to the weekend line when david threatened to use a knife to protect himself and/or throw himself out the window to protect himself and hurt me... on a Sun.
That thursday, the pdoc doubled the Risperdal, and raised the Klonopin. It was the following Tuesday he was admitted.

Upon reflection, I think taking away the Geodon did more harm than anything, and I wonder if the Klonopin is aggravating his aggression? although the Geodon was not containing Davids paranoia and aggression, it was very obviously covering negative symptoms and mood and keeping som lid on the other.

After talking to the hosp pdoc, they are stopping the Risperdal and klonopin Immediately! Also stopped the Saizen (Growth hormone) as well. We were going to stop the hormone in another 3 weeks anyway to retest and check the need to continue it.

He said he would push a high dose Geodon immediately, and push the clozaril faster. Right now only on 25mg. He says he should be able to have up to 100mg by Friday.

I pray this works. The admit nurse asked me what he looked like unmedicated, I think they have their answer.

I pray this works. David hates me, blames me, and I can only pray he forgives me when things settle down

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It's part of the process.

You see, these "medications" have withdrawl symptoms that mimic those of the "disease" itself. It may seem crazy, but I previously mentioned a website that explains it better than I ever could.

Posted by: Ricks at April 20, 2006 10:28 PM

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