May 03, 2004


My tears create an ocean from tidal waves of fear
The pounding in my brain, storms turbulent
Floods diverting care well up from my soul
And flames of incensed violence seethe unspent

Lost within my seas and floundering on my own
In pools of fiery waterfalls of pain
I drown in agony and weep into the void
Afraid that I will never rise again

I float, immersed within my frightened world
And wallowing in acid streams of grief
Finally, I raise my eyes to spy a radiance
Whose warming rays can drain the deepest seas

Chagrined, I had forgotten that I am not alone
Unless I turn my glance to look within
Life was never meant to be free from hurt or sting
And I was never meant to strive alone

My purpose here may not be clear at times
But when I keep my view aimed toward the Lord
I know I can depend upon his mighty strength
To rescue me within my darkest hour

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