May 13, 2004

Poetry the past few days, when I could not post...


Barking puppies
echo thru the neighborhood
Chirping birds
sing perched upon their nests
Blooming rainbows
bend within soft melodies
Children�s laughter
faintly sings of rest
Sunbeam showers
gleam on velvet fields of grass
Blades of chartreuse
rustle soft and low
Bunny rabbits
start to leap in search of fare
Nibbling insects
sing as branches grow
Lavender perfumes
the hidden hideaway
Golden vessels face
a heavenly sphere
Feathery masses
shimmer as they drift away
Hazy azure seas
craft heaven�s mirror
Filmy shining diamonds
flicker as they fall
Heavens weeping
at the radiant view
Emerald gem�s magnificence,
a blinding glow
Life reborn
as spring begins anew


Paying Bills...

With trembling hands
holding implement
allowing money's wings
to unfurl and hurl
my faltering funds into flight
I write.

Numerals begin to blend into the next
and multiplying each negative
until the sum exceeds the one
beyond which I cannot give,

Bills part
splitting with a deathly grin
ravens' bequest, an empty nest
security has flown away
and into the dark,
those who are left behind
are lonely.

With humbled prayer
I raise my hands with open palms
out to the inky, ebony black
whose helium wings on warming air
hoist aloft my shredded cash.

Silently an invocation,
a litany, of paltry petition pursued
by a benediction of small gratitude,
thankful for the fact
a microscopic positive



Slumbering soft upon a bed of breezes
his dewy cheek lies snuggled in a dream
his silken lashes fabricate a picture
of grace depicting water colored schemes

Silent breath barely reveals his presence
as hidden well, he�s secretly watched o�er
protected by a steadfast spirit�s courage
his course surveyed until he�s washed to shore

In oceans filled to flooding with contentment
he seems the remedy, as in repose
he stirs and eyelids flutter undefended
replete with peace� fruition,
...he is hope


simple sounds
of solitude
beckon attention.
Echoes of a silent
entreaty whisper, calling.
Siren screams of consternation,
fluid conception of life, becomes
timorous, apprehensive, uncertain.

voices sing
speaking of love,
hurt, pain, grief, and loss
a word, detached, lacks peace
delivering instead , fear.
Shivers crawl beneath cooling skin
as self-preservation comes to fore
and isolation ascertains safety.

soulless, apart,
may strive to live on
in darkness seeking hope.
Light to break through the black depths
of agony and discomfort
anguished anxiety and heartache
entwined, embraced within a single thought.




Sounds of soft breathing whisper
bringing hope for calm waters
on wings of a prayer

Quiet emotions filter
into thoughts of peace delivered
by treasured souls

With shuttered panes just listen
to silent dreams of amity
by former foes

Harmonious and serene
capricious hearts are reticent
of proffered hands

Yet, in a season,
certainty, faith, and contentment
may yet grow
into a family



I hear him snoring lightly in the other room
My heart brims joyfully upon the sound
Silent whispers sing endowed with gratitude
I raise a proffered prayer presenting praise

Lifting melodies up to the mountaintops
Lines filled with adulation and acclaim
Honoring a presence blessed and sanctified
I celebrate his glory, in your name

Sole reason and sole purpose, I exist for you
Tell me, send me, use me I'm your tool
Adoration like a river pours out from my soul
Bowing to the honor of your rule

Thankful for the gift you gave, though undeserved
Grace imbues his presence, and I feel
Swelling to capacity my spirit flies
Eagerly devoted here,
I kneel


Shattered Reality...

Woken easily upon the dawn,
clearer, brighter,
more lucid than the day before.
A spark was born into the morn
and hope unfurled its withered wings
creaking from disuse
and attempted to fly.

yet attending to the view,
he managed to perform
the minimum required
for the scheduled need.
to begin his trek into the sun,
unsmiling, but composed,
seemingly he was content
within the confines of his mind.

Succeeding in survival
of his immense endeavor,
he has navigated tangled jungle paths
winding through barbaric heated reveries,
of arduous, laborious course,
Reality unperceived.

Incadescent thoughts,
radiating passion,
simmering upon the edge of sanity,
his mind intent
has barely leashed his reason.
his fuse burns
with ever-increasing acceleration
dispatching peace.

Met by his mother's smile,
her soft words,
with concerned regard
for progress through the oceans' gale,
his wick ignites
incinerating hope.
Mindless fury
raves upon waves
of fervored wrath.

held out in expiation,
a desire to appease,
to staunch the gushing bloody streams
heard spewing from his suffering,
his anguished derangement,
confused, uncertain, contained
within a dreadful premonition
he is trapped alone.

Feathers fail,
wings waver,
ballistics burn,
trajectory turns to tailspin,
as crashing,
emotions collide
and thoughts explode
'till all that remains
becomes an inferno
of incinerated dreams.



The doors of the fortress opened
and for the first time,
our hearts were hopeful,
our faces bright with anticipation,
our eyes glowed
with the surety of happy news.

Met at the door by broad smiles,
and approving proclamations
escorted to a room of preparation,
we were informed
of your impending delivery.

Glad tidings were bestowed
as a gift,
as a treasure,
as a bright jewel
to be held closely.
We received the message
with hesitant elation,
afraid to believe
you had returned.

Welling up from the depths,
fountains of my soul
previously drained,
burst forth
to flood my eyes with gratitude,
and rivers flowed.

Escorted into the sanctuary
you pierced the desolation,
the trepidation,
the terror,
and the decimation
of our shattered dreams.

Cloudless animation,
blazing forth
banished blackness from the room.
Lilting echoes of primordial days,
when you were yet
but a small presence,
were recalled,
of memories which had been hidden and buried
in graves of despair.

Packages of practicality were gathered
in arms and minds of welcome.
Words of impending excursion
into the universe beyond
lifted our hearts
to an ecstatic plane of gratitude.

Answered prayers,
fulfilled supplication,
restoration of our faith,
as you stepped out of your delusion.
Our family was born anew
within your eyes.


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