May 18, 2004

Lifting Love... (I'm back from Vegas)

We're back from Vegas, Both my boys did well with their grandmother, and David seems to be doing better with his medications.... Hopefully we will continue to see improvement. He is up to 400mg Clozaril, 160mg Geodon, and is currently taking 25mg Thorazine PRN daily. It is nice to see smiles and motivation returning to his life... :0)

David came home from school yesterday, very pleasantly. We found out he had mowed the neighbor's lawn Saturday when my mother took Dalton to his Special Olympics track and field competition! He did this on his own, without being asked, and did a good job, and took a bill and was paid...all on his own!

Last evening, David willingly mowed our lawn while Gene and I did additional trimming and yard work. He did get frustrated and loud with Dalton after a while, but given that he was doing more than has been asked of him since he came home, he did wonderful. Even with the upset at Dalton, he did not go beyond the point of name calling and yelling. Instead he stayed away, alone, distancing from the rest of us for a period.

He still has done zero homework since returning to school, but actually talked to me about school for the first time, coherently and calmly yesterday. I hesitate to depend on changes, but it looks like the Clozaril is beginning to settle things a tiny bit?????

Lifting Love...

The passing of worry
brings peace to her heart
as she hears a sweet smile in his voice
A song ringing praises
sounds into her world
when he welcomes her presence with peace

With eyes lifted heavenward
grace is received
as a glorious glow steals her face
Her spirit finds rescue
in love's special power
when her focus of joy gives some space

As midnight, reflected,
gives rise to a dawn
and the blackness of mind dissipates
His soul is returning
once more to the light
when it seemed dark and death ruled the race

Rebirth of a son
who's potential is known
and his future hangs filled with the days
Where dreams are an option
of possible hope
and he finally exists in a place

Of contentment with life
where daring to dream
understanding that living is nice
He's learning to lean
on the warmth of her love
and accept that its all worth the price

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