May 21, 2004

The sun is shining...

This morning, David does not have school. Dalton will have his last day of school for this year, on thursday, next week. David will continue thru June 3.

Since David did not have to get up early today, I let him sleep in. He has still been experiencing some pretty heavy sedation in the mornings. He had asked me about starting to take Provigil PRN again, we had stopped this medication when he was in the hospital, to wake him up. I talked to him and explained that we did not want to add more medication if we can work with what we have. At therapy yesterday, we discussed him drinking cofee, or a caffienated soda in the morning to see if that will help.

David did not get up until about 9am this morning. However, upon trying to open the dishwasher, it got stuck, he begain yelling loudly at me, I told him to check the cabinet for a bowl, and he used several cursewords, including the traditional.... F'ing B'ch. :0(

This was something of a surprise, as he has been waking up without issue since home from the hospital. When he has problems, they usually have been in the evening, when overloaded and exhausted. I'm not sure what happened this morning.

On a good note... I told him, in no uncertain terms, that I would not accept anymore profanity today without consequence. I got him a bowl, and told him to eat breakfast, take his medication, and COOL OFF! He did.

David tried going to a friend's house, but everyone was still asleep, so he came home and took a nap himself. the sun is shining outdoors today, it is a beautiful break form several days of rain and storms. I hope this is a prophetic indication that David will continue to do well and get better as time passes.

Yesterday, during therapy, David was cheerful, JOVIAL!, and animated!!!!! This is a first forhis therapist to see him this way. He still has his negative moments, but we are seeing more of the old David coming out to visit. After all the pain and tears in the past several months, it is revitalizing, refreshing, and rejuvenating, to finally see some real light upon the horizon....

God bless you all.

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