May 27, 2004


Thoughts run circles in my mind.
Sanity is left behind.
What to do and where to go,
answers hanging, I don�t know?
Go to school or wander free?
Questioning where he will be,
when summer days are at an end,
and leisure time has all been spent?
I'm wondering what will he do?
Achievement done, and made it through?
Dreams of life have undergone,
renovation, as he's grown.
Perception changed within his world,
when what we see, for him is furled
in funneled storms where lightning strikes
to burn his thoughts before his eyes.
Survival come, but at what cost?
I pray for him to not be lost.
As sitting here I cannot think,
whirlpools swirl, emotions sink.
Queries race to find the way
to save his future for today

Today is David's first ever IEP meeting. Do we want to continue with him completing his senior year? Would it be less stressful, with higher chance of success, to do his GED and thn comm college? Just a couple courses of his choosing and interest at a time? Questions.....

We completed the IEP meeting, it went well. The evaluation showed that David was of average intelligence, which we knew. The school psychologist told us that she did see most difficulty in areas of comprehension, and executive functioning. He had trouble following multi-tiered instructions, but was able to complete tasks well if his name was said at the beginning of each task. She stated, that if she said David's name first, he would look up and make eye-contact and be able to complete what was being requested of him.

The school's recommendation was to have him continue with regular education curriculum. They did say he would be eligible to take his calsses in the resource room whereby he would have more assistance. The school is willing to allow David to take Algebra I, instead of Trigonometry. he had previously completed Algebra I as an 8th grader, but not at the High school level. However, in order for David to graduate with a diploma with the rest of his class, he would have to carry a full academic load next year. One full year of English (12th grade), a year of Science, a year, of Math (failed this year), a year of Econ/Gov, a semester of Chemistry (failed this year), a semester of PE, and possibly a semester of History (probably failing this year). He had told us that if he does attend school next year he wanted to take band. This means that he would have a minimum of 6/7 periods all year, and possibly 7/7 periods for one semester. Additionally, we were told that when a student is being taught in the resource room, they must complete all homework to pass. Homework is the biggest stressor he has had this year!

That much of an academic load, is simply too much, and would be too stressful for him to cope. Therefore, he will formally withdraw at the end of this school year (one more week) and pursue his GED.

This afternoon and evening were probably one of the best in a long time. It seems that with the decision to go for his GED, a world of stress has lifted from David's shoulders.

He did nt want to mow the lawn this evening, He tried to get hold of his friends, but could not do s,. he took several flyers out to leave at doors, soliciting work mowing laws for this summer, when Gene got home, he did talk to David and managed to get him started on our lawn! David did a good job, and we had a very good, coherent, conversation this evening. David was pleasant, cheerful, and simply fun to be with. I can't remember when he has had as pleasant an evening.

Life is good!
God is good!
Today is a day to be remembered!

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