May 29, 2004

It's my Birthday...

Birthday Present�

I can't believe it!
I have received exactly
what I have been asking for,
praying for,
yearning for,
and have truly desired for my birthday.

The cost was not monetary,
though the path to getting here
has hit financially.
The price would seem negligible,
but for the tears and pain
traversed to obtain its arrival.

It seems a simple thing,
a minute moment,
which transitory,
would fly away on wings of hope
and have no lasting value.

An experience carefree,
leaving the recipient somewhat unmoved
within a deeper frame,
for understatement of its normality.

Some might believe it nothing,
so minimal that it is boring,
monotonous in its repetition,
enjoyable upon its fleeting path,
but a treasure?
They might not think so.

Yet, it is within its simplicity,
the normality,
the repetition,
the calm and boring nature of this gift,
that the greatest value lies.

Peaceful, quiet, soothing, comforting,
gentle, relaxing, subtle, restrained,
understated, muted, passive, diplomatic,
this gift leads to optimism,
hope, serenity,
and buoyant joy. gift?

Loving conversation, a tilted smile,
a pat on the shoulder in passing through a room,
the ability to receive an embrace, to give one,
willingness to accept opinions, to plan for the future,
and to sit within a room with family in peace...

It is a Happy Birthday�

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