July 03, 2004

Independence Day weekend...

Thursday was a busy day. My sister, brother in lawm and their youngest were driving up, to arrive Friday morning, so, we spent much of the day, taking it easy, inbetween cleaning projects. Gene and I both asked David to do far more than we have done in one given day since he was hospitalized... Dalton was hyperactive and excited over the plans to see his cousin this weekend... Therefore, Dalton was in David's space a bit more than usual, David was a bit less tolerant than he has been lately, because he was being asked to do chores, and being questioned on whether they were done or not, and did he remember all the details.

I know this has been a trigger for him in the past, but even so, I went ahead and remained firm about expectations. Actually, David did pretty well, all things considered. He did get upset with Dalton and with me. He did a shoddy job on the basement, but minimally adequate on the porch, and did his room passably. In addition, he mowed a new account (neighbor's yard), and in all honesty, this is MUCH more than since long before he was hospitalized, let alone, since!

David's friend came over in the afternoon, about the time Gene got home from work. Dalton followed them to the basement (teen hangout area) and crossed David's boundaries... David lost his temper and control and escalatted into the agitated, delusional, paranoid stuff. Loud and cursing. he was directable enough to get him and Dalton upstairs, I was able to have him go back and tell his friend to please leave, maybe come back tomorrow. The rest of the evening was touchy, but okay. For a situation of decompensation, he did manage to regain a pretty good level of control, relatively quickly. He spent time cleaning the basement a bit better and rejoined the family for a while, before bed.

Yesterday, David was a bit lethargic, and hung around doing not much of anything most of the day. he showed no interest in calling any friends or doing anything, though I tried to point him that direction.

In the evening, after Dalton and his cousin ran all day, swimming and playing, we went to a carnival. David did run into a friend and had a good time. When we got home, we did fireworks, and came in. Unfortunately, it was about 11pm, by this time, and David had netted 3 or more hours less sleep than normal. He was very tired. Dalton crossed a boundary, one of David's videos was messed up in a broken VCR, and he lost control again. I managed to get him to bed, after a period of paranoid accusations, and curses. He slept well.

This morning, we went to a local parade. It was a lot of fun. David's friend (same as was over thursday) arrived at 9am! unexpectedly. David had not told me he was coming. I got David up, and his friend went with us to the parade. Overall, today is going well, though David is tired and bit edgy.

I am pleased. given the amount of additional stress and stimulation this past few days, it has been difficult for David. he has had a hard time maintaining control in some areas, but he has managed to keep from getting violent, and is able to take time to calm even if he is not happy. I thank God that his medications are working as well as they are. I think this weekend has been proof of just how far his current treatment has brought him, in comparison to what was going on two months ago!

God bless,
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