July 05, 2004

Hope is a wonderful thing...


Her thoughts are blue, and the world reflects
Her breath of blue, becoming the sky
Her tears are blue, filling an ocean
Azure sheets,
raining time

Her memories tug at her heart
His smile is so precious and rare
Love is a treasure hard to imagine
Other tints never seen,
only blue

His heart is blue, and shivers with cold
His tears would be blue, instead, they are frozen
Icebergs of cobalt have grown in his soul
Glaciers cover his eyes

His memories are painful
Her touch, soft and warm
Yet, love isn�t seen or e�en felt
Her world, decorated,
Rests, sadly painted, masked
with cerulean blue

Reflections remain
In the paths she has trodden
Slightly distorted, illusory, faded
Creating their lives,
from the blue

Waves cautiously brush the edge of their world
Rimmed with the smallest suggestions of light
Washing against his indigo heart
Seeking to serve relief to his eyes
A taste born anew,
out of blue

The heavens cover their souls with protection
As, shyly, infant clouds begin roaming
Caressing whispers, waft soft on breezes
Blowing kisses into his mind
In shadows of white
The color of love

Glowing on the horizon
Sails are unfurling within her soul
Reaching out creating a life preserver
On cresting waves built of hope

Far in the distance his gaze has landed
Upon the lifeboat crafted within her dreams
He sees her dressed in robes of love�s light
And catches at threads floating past

Gradually, grasping handfuls of sweetness
His notice has developed awareness
That blue has given way to a hue
Grown carefully, surely
'til his eyes can view

New colors�

We had a fun weekend. Way too much fun! We did a bit too much, but managed to keep just shy of crossing the completely overstimulated line that we have to watch for with my children. I greatly enjoyed my visit with my sister, Dalton enjoyed seeing Christopher, and we had some good time with Jeff. I think Jeff really enjoyed out church's patriotic service Saturday night. Unfortunately, I think we did do a bit too much for Jeff's comfort, and his moods shifted a bit yesterday. However, we did manage to alter our plans so that he was a bit more comfortable.

David's friend David stayed overnight. David slept until noon today, and Dalton, though awake early, fell asleep and took a very long nap until 3:30pm! Both Davids are runnign round town today picking up job applications! I haven't seen my David this motivated, since I can't remember when! Hopefully he will get a job. I think that would be a wonderful thing.

I wrote the above poem, Saturday. It is amazingly joyful to see the mists parting and clear sight glowing though your child's eyes after they have been so clouded with their illness.

There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only we see to find it.

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