August 11, 2004

School is back in session!


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Dalton went to school today, with minimal difficulty getting him out the door! All week it has been "I'm not going to school!" "You can't make me!" LOL
He is doing very well this summer since we removed his Topamax and Zyprexa, however, he is a bit more active, and anxious.

Dalton has not been sleeping in his room for most of the summer. A sign of just how far David has come on the tolerance scale, he has been letting Dalton sleep in his room on the floor, quite often! Anyway, with the onset of the school year, we have been struggling with Dalton to get him back inot his room, and into his bed. We did have some success this week. He slept in his bed Sunday and Monday, after a rough struggle to get him to go to sleep. Last night, he slept on the floor in his room. better than half in his room and half in the hall, which was as close as we have gottn in the past month.

The trick to getting him to finally accept that he was going to school today? I bought him a box od tissue with Mickey Mouse on the box. And it was sparkly and shiny!!! His quote last evening, as he was going through his backpack, for the millionth time... "When the box is empty, I'm going to bring it home and keep it!" "It's shiny, and you know I like shiny things!" Gotta laugh... :o)

REALITY CHECK! on Monday...

Earlier this week was a bit touchy. Monday, we got confirmation, yet again, that David's illness is not a figment of imagination or mistaken diagnosis. Sometimes when everythign is going well, you still get the fleeting thought, that maybe it's all in our minds, and he's really ok. How could such behavior really be his reality?????

He forgot to take his medication Monday morning, and I did not realize it until 3om.

I had planned to take the boys swimming before Dalton had to go back to school today, but Dalton has not had a BM in a week, and has not gone in the toilet since before then! He is full and leaking in his pants... constantly. :o( Darn it! I could not get him to go. I was in a rough mood as had a computer glitch on my book, but I got it fixed, and the boys were at each other's throats. Constant provocation, but neither would accpet responsibility for being provocative.... David's quote: "I'm not doing anything! Dalton is bothering me!"

I did not make the best choices in interaction methods with David in the car, and had to return home before we got to the pool. he melted into a sceraming, paranoid, delusional, meltdown in the back seat of the car. Cursing, crying, etc....

He did pull together later in the evening, and did well. He and Dalton stayed home while Gene and I traded in our car for a van. We now have a vehicle with separate rows of seats for the boys if need be!!!! Yippie!!! and lowered our payment.

Yesterday I tok the boys to lunch and we went to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls. Then Dalton had a "pitch in" at his soap box race... Over all we had a good evening.

Gene and I both went back on our antidepressants this morning. We had dropped the doses on each to 1/2 about a 6 weeks ago, and stopped altogether 2 weeks ago. We are both feelign more stressed and it is not good for us or the kids, so back on the half dose and see what happens....

Life is good,...
God is good...
My kids are good...
and all is good in the world...

Today is a new day and a clean slate. I hope school goes well for Dalton, he did take a long bath this am, and took a Poo in the potty before school! Thank God!

God Bless you all.

Angry home� (written Monday)

Desert winds drive deathly desperation
Flooding breaths with blistered, briny blaze
Cauterizing hope and health, with hatred
Subjugating worth to wretchedness

Trapped within the telltale lock caught turning
Riveted, unable to redress
Fearful of the fiery inferno
Blinded she is bound beneath her breast

Weary of the constant churning chaos
Quaking under urgent ulcerous qualm
Callous chamber, cavernous, consuming
Life and loving, lifted from her lungs

�till she lies withered here�
in shriven stone.


I live a twisted life, from where there is a view
unusually different, and wonder if I knew
what God had planned for me, if I would e'er have made
decisions that were chosen, or walked another glade?

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What an amazing poem! You sound so patient and kind. I wish more parents today were as faithful to their children as you sound. I am in awe.

Posted by: Darcy at September 3, 2004 01:29 PM


Thank you! For reading, and for liking what you read. I hope and pray that parents everywhere take the time to realize what treasures their children are. No matter what challenges life throws at us and them, they are a great gift.

I am so sorry about the length of time it took to respond to you. I have been busy and did not check to see your post.

I hope this finds you healthy and happy.
God bless,
check out my book:
LIVING IN CHAOS SURVIVAL: A Parenting Journey...

Posted by: BettyJo at October 10, 2004 07:48 PM

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