November 12, 2007

Controlled by outside forces.

Many people I have contact with who suffer with schizophrenia often tell me they feel outside forces are trying to harm them with the use of telekinetic/psychic powers.

I myself, for many years, felt that the secret services were trying to drive me mad with the use of remote viewing, a process where psychics are used to spy on people to discover how they were feeling about politics, domestic and foriegn issues.

These thoughts began on my return to London from the USSR, where i took part in marching against communism on the streets of moscow in 1991. At the time i believed this was happening to me, i had'nt been diagnosed with schizophrenia and did not have any understanding of the destructive and unusual symptoms attached to the diagnosis.

I became extremely paranoid and feared my involvment with the marches because of 'home beliefs' about the KGB. I became sure that they wanted to harm me and that i was being followed in london.

Unbeknown to me, the stress and anxiety quickly and devastatingly turned into schizophrenia. I started to believe, because i had heard of remote viewing, that my symptoms, the anxiety, the voices and paranoia, were part of the KGB's attempt to harm me with telekinetic/psychic powers and punish me for my involment with the marching.

The feeling of being controlled by outside forces were provoked by my fear of persecution.

I aslo became very concerned that 'they' knew i knew about 'them' and what they were trying to do to me, so began to fear for my life because i had recognised the advanced uses of this method to destroy and control. I became convinced that all my symptoms of undiagnosed schizophrenia, were the secret service driving me to suicide, so i would not 'spill the beans' of their 'secret and powerful' acitivities over me and others in society.

Once i was diagnosed with schizophrenia, it was with some relief, as though i had finally met with my real enemy! I researched the illness and learnt one of the strong symptoms was feeling 'controlled' by outside forces.

The cure and eventual release from these thoughts, came from correct medication, understanding my symptoms and listening to 'others' who shared my diagnosis, understanding that feeling controlled by outside forces was common amongst fellow sufferers.

I always say that we, the sufferer, will provide the best cure and road to recovery. This comes, as always, with greater understanding and acceptance of schizophrenia symptoms.

So, to anyone that can recognise the above. Please accept that the feelings of being controlled by outside forces is a STRONG SYMPTOM of SCHIZOPHRENIA and with that recognition and understanding hopefully some of your fears will be eased.

Acceptance and understanding is part of the key to recovery.

Stuart Baker-Brown.

Posted by Stuart Baker-Brown at November 12, 2007 05:18 PM
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