November 15, 2007

Mera Peak Challenge!

Mera Peak 2008.

Another year of trying to raise money and sponsorship for my Everest climb has past and as previous years, the one mans mountain team has hit brick wall, after brick wall. My potential climb on Everest raises a lot of unnecessary eyebrows and the general opinion is, as ever-the task is just to risky for someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have approached many of the top companies in the UK, amongst many others, the common response, if I get a response at all, is that their charitable donations are already allocated to other events. Mental health charities in the UK have also, once again, shown no or very little support with highlighting or raising awareness of my potential challenge.

The stigma and lack of understanding towards schizophrenia is immense. Even from those who claim to understand! Unfortunately this means I do not have the funds to get to Everest for 2008 and Im not sure if it will be achievable for 2009.

But all is not lost!

In march 2006 I attempted to climb Mera Peak 6500m in Nepal but could not get to the top. The summit was under 12ft of snow and it was decided that the climb to the summit was to dangerous.

I want to prove that we are ALL capable of achieving our goals and to help inspire others with my shared diagnosis to reach their own potential in life.

So, I am making plans to get back to Nepal in October 2008 and try to summit Mera Peak again!

October is an ideal time to climb Mera and the conditions are far more favourable than when I tried in march 2006- which was out of season and the snow fall was heavy.

This could potentially send out a very important message about schizophrenia and show others that Everest is a possibility for me-in the future! Mera Peak has been testing ground for past Everest expeditions.
It is not through lack of passion and self belief that stops my Everest goals from being reached but lack of support and moral backing from others. If I don't have the funding, then I cant get there!

My heart and faith in my own capabilities and others who share my diagnosis is always so strong. I have passion and determination to prove that my diagnosis will not hold me back and a strong recovery is possible for us all! Although my passion and self belief is tested by the huge stigma and misunderstanding towards my condition, I feel convinced that one day, I will climb Everest. If I can prove that I can climb Mera, which i will need to raise £3000, maybe that will open doors and Everest will become a greater possibility, for sure! Lets hope!

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Stuart Baker-Brown.

Posted by Stuart Baker-Brown at November 15, 2007 10:28 AM
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