November 09, 2003


intrinsic justice forlornly unseen as matters of the skull / until morning i bled again. unable to control. / tired of being at fault you will / fucking die / unjust fool, liar to insanity / grace to be lost as raising fear imbues the alternative / roaches creeping under the skin of all / god crumbles underneath the dust of impurity / fucking in place / priorities are yours and you are shattered within / climbing up your spine implanted in your mind / controlled by influences radiating endlessly / sharp pain / insecurities / trouble is caused by those who hunt you / seek you / climbing through the night like buttered rain / itching to place you under a glass cage / torn by desire / fear / pain / swift lithe movements in the dark are seen / flying through the unconscious so that you can't escape / do you know what they find? / they search / they will stop at nothing / they want it far more than you can defend / it is in your blood / they must take it / in glass tubes away from your mind / a mind made of string / of twine / would and tied to every other controller in the universe / tied tight / bound / strung up like a noose but gravity is like centrifugal force / pulling outwards to the unknown. / pulling the faces of those you love into creatures of night / dispair is like blood on their faces. / you are pulled every which way you know. and when you are pulled so many directions, you can't move on your own at all. / controlled by all but the one you lost / yourself / they will destroy / they need it more than you can understand / you can't run! / pulling on those strings they draw you near / just around the corner / above your head / under your feet / under your skin / blood upon their faces / unknown / fear / you will die, but not in the way you can control / not even in the way you fear, but in a way you can never know / by its very existance it negates your own / you must take it and die by your own hand / before they leave without you.

Posted by alex at November 9, 2003 03:11 AM


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