October 09, 2002

(the night I called the crisis prevention hotline)

shit -> fan

Like it has been doing almost every night.

I called one of those Crisis Hotlines after I went on a walk. They gave me numbers of counselors that work on a sliding scale. Because, I'll be frank with everybody now... It's late and I care not. I've been a psycho bitch. I've been hallucinating from lack of sleep and trying to act normal but now it's just fucking everything up. I miss the way I used to be. I'm sure I'll feel just hunky dory tomorrow and forget all about calling the counselors though. I just want to move far far away.

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October 07, 2002

(the night hallucinations kept me awake)

Me so tired, but my boss brought doughnuts to work today. I had the worst night's sleep last night. My brain was playing tricks on me so bad. It hasn't been that bad since I was a little kid and would hallucinated monsters in tree branches outside my window. I don't know what the hell was up with it. The fan was making annoying noises and sounding like it was talking at me, and then I kept on seeing these freaky images that wouldn't let me breathe and sleep properly. Rarr. Go away sleep demons! Heh, as if a scary movie will help things, I'm going to go see "Red Dragon" tonight!

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