May 09, 2004

I'm writing a play

I wanted to say thanks for all the comments; I appreciate them. Melanie, thanks for the poetry. I really enjoyed it. To C. (FKahlo), thanks for the good info on section 8. I won't get a certificate until 2007 at the earliest. I found an apartment. It is a little expensive; but I'm thinking about cashing in on my retirement account with the school district. Also, I called my social security representative to get help writing a pass plan. I'm considering taking a course for medical transcription. I don't know how fast I type though; that's the only thing. I am dyslexic when I type.

Anyway, I'm writing a play on the sad state of affairs for the mentally ill. It is about oppression. I'm gearing it towards arts patrons. Maybe I can educate people a little bit.

I am going to Sacremento on the 26th to a rally against budget cuts for services for the disabled. I think that I would rather go out of my way to catch a bus with Project Return than to catch one nearby with the clubhouse. The staff at the clubhouse is not mentally ill; and they are very condescending. I don't think I can stand that treatment for 24 hours.

I don't know all the results for the blood tests yet. I know that my glucose was normal and so was my thyroid. That's good news. I don't know the Creatine or the Cortisol results yet though.

Yesterday Project Return held their annual awards picnic in San Pedro. A few of us hiked down a cliff near the ocean. It was very fun.

I only went to one meeting last week. I have to go to about eight more before the end of the month. There will be at least three meetings downtown. I caught the metrolink last time and it worked out well. I am planning a regional event to the Skirball Museum for a free concert and a movie. I think it will be fun. I'm considering doing a regional event for the North Hollywood (No Ho) Arts Festival; but it is right around the time I am supposed to move. They have lots of free theatre. They are mostly one act plays. There is also music and dancing there.

I want to take a group of people at a board and care where I work to The Victory Clubhouse by public bus. Many of them never leave the intersection where they live, and are afraid to take the bus. Part of this has to do with missing mealtimes. Five p.m. is dinner time; and if they miss it they will go hungry. At lunch time they can ask for a sack lunch. Also, many don't have bus passes because they can't afford them. They are given maybe $100 per month for living expenses and then they just suffer after that. I think they should have to give them more money and a free bus pass. People go in and they just deteriorate. I would have deteriorated in there too. All of their power was taken away. They can't afford essentials. To me they are homeless. I would really like to ask a church to sponsor them. Like say the church collects used clothing, they could then donate them to this board and care. They also need toiletries. They don't give them enough toilet paper even. My friend has no towel to dry her hands in the bathroom. I don't think I told you how I reported the board and care for violations of patients rights. My friend is a little upset with me because they know she gave me the information to report. She feels intimidated by them and is worried they will kick her out causing her to be homeless. She is afraid to report acts of sexual harrasment that another client is committing against her. Her parents are not stepping up to the plate and being advocates for her. I go and trim her toenails because no one at her facility will do it for her. She was made obese and diabetic due to the medication. Now she needs cataract sugery. She is only 37 years old. I know a client in the facility who needs glasses, but isn't getting them. This place has a good reputation too. My case manager yelled at me for reporting them because she was worried that they would be shut down. She figured they were better off there than homeless. I don't see my case manager anymore. To me she is oppressive.

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i agree with you about the treatment of the mentally challenged. i have a sister with paranoid schizophrenia. for years my grandmother and i have tried to get help for her. it took 4years just to get her qualified for disabilty it isnt enough to make it through the month my sister cant work at all.she is homeless

Posted by: sharon at June 6, 2004 07:00 AM

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