June 09, 2004

Positive Changes

I want to try to be a more positive person. I see some positive developments in my life. Things are not looking so glum anymore. My Dr. reduced my Geodon and I think that has helped some. I have been taking a little bit of remeron though when I've been nervous. I'm looking into some therapy at a non-profit. I feel more connected to friends where I'm living now. Maybe the location is better for people or maybe I'm in a better mood but I feel like people want to see and talk to me more now. I'm trying to maintain contact with people. My therapist reccomended a book called Mind Over Mood that I'll get soon. It looks very good. I had a good day on Sunday and I accomplished a lot yesterday. People hate it when you vent so I'm trying to be a kind person.

I just wanted to say that we shouldn't forget that Ronald Reagan is the one who emptied all the state hospitals and dumped people out into the street who could not survive. There were no services to form a safety net for those people and they became homeless. It was a nice idea but not well thought through.

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