May 30, 2004

My Liver is normal again

I haven't been able to write because I have dial up access and my phone wasn't wired properly in my new apartment. I guess I was lost in the shuffle during the SBC strike. I've been isolated for two weeks. I think some people have probably lost me.

I learned that my liver returned to normal. They haven't explained it yet. That is such a relief. The Dr. said I was taking too much Geodon and I should have an EKG. I think that maybe that's all that's wrong. Maybe after the level of the drug is reduced in my bloodstream I will be normal again. No one has explained the hunger and nightmares though. I really have to come out of denial on the nightmares. It really affects me life in a negative way because I wake up screaming. I don't want to travel like this. I don't see a Dr. until July because they accidentally cancelled an appointment that was previously scheduled for June 21st. I'll call the Dr. on Tuesday.

I was such a zombie at the advisory board meeting yesterday. They expect me to correct all this paperwork which must be perfect down to the tiniest detail. The rules to filling out the paperwork is kind of arbitrary and so it is hard to teach the aides how to do it. I'd rather correct it than have to ask them to do it. I feel like I am scolding them when I do that. With Dyslexia forms are not my forte.

I have to admit that I took a bus up to Sacramento on Wednesday night (an all nighter) and I was so sick that I took a cab to the airport and flew home. I felt like a homeless person becuase I was so smelly. The ironic thing about that statement is that I am one inch from being homeless. There before the grace of God go I. We were supposed to protest cuts top section 8. I was exhausted and probably looked high from the seroquel I took on the bus. It was a terrible experience. I am still recovering. When we got to Sacremento at 6:00 a.m. they dumped us out on the steps of the capitol and it was very cold. After an hour there we went to an old independent movie theatre and we were supposed to use the restroom there and get cleaned up. There were too many people all crammed into one space and we really couldn't wash ourselves. I felt sick to my stomach from taking the Wellbutrin at night and I thought I might explode. I just realized how ridiculous this all sounds. Never again.

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