August 10, 2004

Hello from the underworld

A big hello to all. This person tramadol is really a trip. Give a few more of those. The name what does it mean? To Sharon Dianna: I will e-mail you. I just realized people had written. I'm fairly giddy tonight. No reason. My dr. turned out to be a hypochondriac. I mean it takes one to know one. He said at the beginning that he needed to accept a call from his optometrist during my visit and that he would be needing to leave soon to see her. He told her that he had gotten some debris in his eye while showering earlier and had asked coworkers to look in there to see if they could find anything and they couldn't. So for this he needed to cancel the remainder of his appointments. While I was at the counter in the lobby of the med office this guy walks up and says that I would really like this Dr. but that he had a tendancy to be flakey and to cancel half of his appointments.

I didn't make it to my photo shoot. There was a huge traffic jam on the 405 freeway and we only made it to UCLA by 3:00 and it had taken us an hour to get that far. My Mom wouldn't let me go alone for fear I would be found dead in Angeles National Forest later. So now I'm waiting to reschedule. It seems so lame that I'm struggling so much when I could at least be earning a decent wage.

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