December 12, 2004

Changes Abound

I might have a job as a caregiver to a woman with Cerebral Palsy. It's a live in position for every other weekend. If she likes me when I meet her Tuesday then my job will be to take her to do fun stuff in the community. I would also cook, clean, and provide personal care for her. I am looking forward to it.

I saw an ad in this free local newspaper that comes in the mail that said that a 30ish woman on SSI is looking to share an apartment. I got excited and called and her Grandma spoke with me and told me to call this week. So I'll call on Tuesday.

I was supposed to go to the gifts for giving party but couldn't due to the job interview. I did go to my mom's Christmas party though. It was pretty boring. If I don't work on New Years then maybe I'll throw a potluck at my Mom's house. My parents are going to the Virgin Islands over that period.

My meds are making me groggy. If I have to though I get up and take care of business. I drink a lot of coffee.

Does that song by Matchbox Twenty that goes "Im not crazy I'm just a little (insane?)bother anyone but me? I take offense to it (lol) because I'm mentally ill and I don't make friends with shadows on the wall. Also, how would that guy know the first thing about being crazy?

Yesterday my friend and I drove through Candy Cane Lane. That's this area with big houses where people really go all out decorating with lights and stuff at Christmas. We're going along and in a cynical tone my friend turns to me and says "you know, Jesus wasn't born in December." That kind of bothered me. She's not a Christian but enjoys some of the traditions.

On Wednesday I'm going to another friend's Hanukah/Birthday party. Tomorrow I'm going to see what kind of glasses Medi-cal will buy me. Last year I had sunglasses made and they wouldn't pay for the lenses! Can you believe that? I had to pay over $300 for the lenses. My eyes are bad; but I think they should pay part at least.

Did I tell you I haven't been going to the gym? I've developed a fear of it. It is crowded and sometimes people make comments. I need to go though. It is good for my body and my mind. I need to take a radio or something.

In a year and a half my mom will retire from lausd and go to Texas to live near my sister and my neice. I have mixed feelings about this. I am a big baby in a way. I hardly have family in L.A. so when she goes I will have less local support. On the other hand though, I will get to see my family in Texas more often, as she has promised to fly me over often. She offered to take me with her but I'm going to stay. I would feel like I was in a foreign country there. I wouldn't know where to work, I would have no friends, I wouldn't know how to use the transit,or where to get medical care. I guess it is better for me to just get my act together here.

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