December 18, 2004


I decided not to go to Texas for Christams after all. I'll just have a slow Christmas. I can't deal with the last minute shopping and possibly not buying the right gifts. I don't have the funds to do it. Also, I'm in a depression and I have a lot of anxiety. Dealing with airport crowds is impossible now.

Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to Handel's Messaiah at The Disney Hall. That should be exciting. I'll get to wear a nice dress. I might go see the lights at Griffith Park this week with a group. Tuesday night is the dinner where we have a $10 gift exchange game.

Monday at 1:00 I have an interview to be an instructor for kitchen services at a training center for the developmentally disabled. I don't know what the job entails; but it only pays $8.50 per hour. I earned 8.50 an hour ten years ago. Back then I didn't really need the money; but now rent is so much higher. I think I have to ask for $9.00 at the minimum. I don't know if it pays benefits or not. I think it kind of reeks; but I'll go check it out.

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