August 17, 2005

Interview Went Well

The job interview went well; but I found out that it only pays 12.00 per hour. I can make more with LAUSD. I am still waiting for the referral to arrive in the mail so that I can see a Dr. I would love to just have an easy solution to the abdominal pain. One thing that I constantly experience is indigestion from the pills. Does anyone know what to take to stop that?

I am looking into Easter Seals Home Select Program to see if I can buy a condo. They help disabled people buy property. I kind of hope that the mortgage would be lower than my rent is though.

I am still waiting to find out how much financial aid I will receive from Thomas Edison.

I saw Radio Golf at The Mark Taper Forum on Saturday and found it slow and boring. It did have its moments though. I was expecting better though because I have seen three other August Wilson plays and this one was dull in comparison. I had a blast going though. After the play I had my cousin drop me at the MHA office so that I could meet my friend. We went to a group art show at a gallery in Silver Lake. Neither of us really liked the artwork; (her friend was one of the artists)but it was kind of a trip to people watch there.

This Sunday I am going to a concert in a park with other Project Return members. We will each bring a picnic. I have to look up who is playing that night.

I am considering having a party on Labor day weekend. I am doing end of summer cleaning in my apartment now. I cleaned the balcony (which was filthy from the pidgeons) and I cleaned out my refrigerator. Okay my life is dull right now, I know.

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