August 24, 2005


I didn't get that job I applied for. I guess it is for the best. It sent me into a depression last Thursday.

Last Saturday I saw a movie with a friend called 2064. I think that was the title. It was a Chinese movie that takes place partly in the past and partly in the future. It was very well done.

I didn't got to the concert. I didn't have transportation to come home.

I just learned that my sisters friend commited suicide. He was Bipolar. I am going to send a condolence card.

My Aunt is in the hospital because she has been taking too many painkillers like Alleve and Tylenol over a long period of time. She probably has cirrhosis of the liver. She has been having stress headaches for a long time. She had internal bleeding. Now she can have jello and grape juice. I have been praying for her. My Mom (her older sister) offered her to come recuperate in L.A. My Aunt lives in Houston. I think part of the problem with my Aunt is that she lacked health insurance and now she could need a liver transplant. Everyone loses in the end. I see this as a wake up call to me. I have also been taking a lot of painkillers and could endure serious side effects if I don't get medical attention soon.

I am going swimming at my friend Linda's house on Saturday. Tomorrow I am going to see a movie with my Mom. We are going to Broken Flowers. Today I see my therapist and tomorrow I see my Primary Care Physician about a referral for a gyno. I don't know why we need a referral to see a Gyno.

My friend brought me a mint plant in a cute pot yesterday morning. That really brought light to my day. She said to drink mint tea for my pain.

I wrote a new poem.


As I dress myself today
I remember
the Cambodian children
who slaved to assemble
my Levi jeans.

I worry about the garbage
that I contibute to the
landfill called
Sunshine Canyon;
where children at a
nearby elementary school
are contracting cancer
at an alarming rate.

I worry about the bevy of
drugs I consume daily
and worry if they
will kill me like
they killed my friend Larry.

There are always sad
compromises in life.
Where does the sun shine?

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