September 27, 2005

My pain is gone!

My dr. gave me elmiron and also an antibiotic and one of them seems to have helped me. So now I must find a job. I know that I cannot go to school too so I'm not quite sure how to manage this. Maybe I'll just go to school right now.

The Lexipro is working now. I am glad for that.

My friend is the poverty advisor to Villaraigosa (the mayor) and is having her monthly meeting this Wednesday. It will cover housing grants for low income people in L.A. I want to go and see what they can do for me. My friend will bring tamales too. I can't wait.

I haven't actually completed a housing inspection survey yet for the city; I don't know what I am waiting for.

Disappointingly I did not get to go to The Hollywood Bowl this summer. Happy Autumn by the way.

My friend mentioned that she is not able to receive services (therapy) because they don't have funding at her clinic. How can they tell that to someone with severe depression?!

One friend told me that he couldn't find his ashtray. He said that when the mormons came they threw them all away. So now he has just one. He says when they come he burns incense. He is mormon and is not supposed to smoke. Sorry C. but I thought that was funny.

My boyfriend is still here, not really surprisingly. We are both currently unemployed and are really struggling. I'm still applying for housing through homes for life. They have housing available in January. The place is only 500 sq ft.; but the rent is 30% of your income.

If I decide to work then I will apply for Los Angeles Unified School District to work with the disabled kids. I am ambivalent about it.

I don't know if i have ever printed my poem called Life. Here it is:


He threw the ciggarette
into the toilet and watched
as it swirled around and around.
Following it with his eyes
he was in a trance.
He saw a kaleidoscope of colors,
a pinwheel twisting,
and a lollipop swirling.
He thought of the alpha and the omega
and the futility of life.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at September 27, 2005 04:15 AM


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