November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I haven't done much for Halloween. I did go to my friend Linda's Birthday party at El Coyote Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood on Saturday. I took two buses each way and was held up in Hollywood where they had closed off a street for a movie premiere. My friend was having a costume contest but I did not dress up because I had wanted to be a fortune teller and I thought that it would be too cold to wear a skirt. My friend Andy won the contest and was dressed as The Phantom of the Opera. Linda sang a song while playing her guitar. Other people sang Jewish songs. There was a beautiful chocolate cake with rasperries and it was sugar free.

I went to Los Angeles Unified School District to apply and am due to take a test Friday morning. I am just worried about getting there on time. It is at 8:30 a.m. and is not very close to me. I have been waking up kind of late lately. I might benefit from the new mode of transportation in my area called the orange line. It is a rapid busway that links the east and west ends of the San Fernando Valley.

I will not be moving into that building I have been so excited about because the apartments are very tiny. I was very disappointed in that. My friend drove me by there the other day and we peeked through the windows. I will just stay here a bit longer and wait for home prices to drop a little.

My boyfriend left today on a trip to Mexico for a week. I am going to miss him.

I am now receiving talk therapy once a week. That is a lot better than twice a month.

I would like to take over a meeting for people with Bipolar or Unipolar depression. My friend is currently running it; but I get the feeling that she really isn't that into it. I think it is the perfect time to make necessary changes to that meeting because it has pretty much died down to nothing.

I have been watching Starting Over on NBC and love it. It is filmed not too far from here. So I am all of a sudden into Iyanla Vanzant who is a life coach on the show. I want to read all of her books.

I am reading one on simplifying your life called The Simplicity Reader by Elaine St. James. It gives ways to reduce stress, clutter, busy work, and time zappers. Now I am to a different section that deals with inner work. It covers relationships and how to know yourself better. It is now discussing how to form a support group of people who are doing spiritual searching. The really good thing about the book is that it has very short chapters. They are generally one to two pages long. What I found kind of funny in the first part of the book was how she keeps saying to minimize your posessions. Like if you have two cars go down to one or if you have one just use the bus. And it tells you to move to a small condo if you live in a house and to sell your property and move into an apartment to save on maintenance and so that you can travel without having to sell your property. It gives a system for throwing out your stuff that you have collected. You pack it in boxes and in a year you just throw out the box. I think it is pretty funny because I am already living a pretty simple life according to her and that's not the norm apparently.

I am going to see my friend on Sunday to go thrift shopping or something. I know this Jewish Women's Thrift Store that has a $1 garage sale every Sunday.

I am going to go searching for some cultural activities to do with friends since I have been missing those for a while.

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