November 09, 2005

Thanks to Lamar! How Beautiful!

Thanks, Lamar for the sweet tidbit you left on my Valentine's Day Party blog. Did you write that line or did someone else? I hope I don't sound too dense when I ask that. Also, the way my Dyslexic mind reads it is that the heart that (has direction) knows its own way finds love. And then I thought that maybe love brings direction to the heart. Interesting either way. This sounds lame; but what comes first the heart or the love?

I plan on responding to Rick who wrote a comment about emailing him.

I wanted to give a link to the ACLU website for a new program on freedom of expression in The United States of America. It is: And can you believe I tried to be all cool by putting an image here but unfortunately I am completely techologically unsavvy!

Gosh, I had the best day today! My boyfriend returned from Mexico and that was a thrill. We went to Balboa Lake and had a picnic. It is a small lake sourrounded by a walking/jogging/skating path. You can rent paddle boats there and fish. There are lots of birds attracted to that area because there are wetlands there and that is the catch basin for rain water in the Valley. Anyhow, I saw some Pelicans, some Egrets, some Geese, some Ducks, some Sea Gulls, and a Hawk. There were also some other small black birds I could not identify. It was beautiful and Victor had never been there before.

Anyway at the lake we saw a young homeless couple scavengering in the garbage cans and Victor asked them if they wanted to eat with us. So we ate together and I hooked them up to Cornerstone, a service provider for the homeless mentally ill. I had asked if they got SSI (because I got that feeling) and they do and said they were having trouble collecting their payments due to an overdrawn checking account which had been subjected to fraud. So they were happy about that and I also referred them to Lutheran Social Services which gives food, clothing, and motel vouchers to the homeless. They had already been there but didn't take the vouchers because they have at least one viscious dog living with them in their van. The woman gets really depressed if she is separated from her dogs. The guy had been a foster child and his biological mom had kicked him in the head forcing him to have to have a metal plate inserted there.

While we were eating as a group a Japanese guy walked up and asked us to be in his movie. They were filming a documentary there. So, the male actor ran up to our table (which was covered with a plaid throw and my colorful wicker picnic basket)and asked if we wanted to buy a dvd. As he asked us this he pointed to his open shoulder bag. We sat stunned (the director had not asked us to react in a particular way) and then the "FBI" came in to tackle and arrest him. I just told these people that I hoped I didn't laugh on camera. So for our effort they rewarded us with a crispy cream donut apiece. Then I asked the guy if they were from Japan and he said yes and I told him I had been there before and it was nice. He then said Domo Arigato and I returned in kind and he replied Domo Arigato Gazimas. I don't really think I spelled it all right; but it means thank you very much in a very kind way. It was thrilling!

Did I say that I passed the L.A. school district exam for special ed trainee? I get to go take the high school proficiency test on the 17th. After that, assuming that I pass that, I go do a district wide interview. After that I will do a school based interview to be accepted for a particular position. Until I am hired my Mom has asked me if I would please go volunteer at her school in the Special ed. Pre-Kindergarten. I think that will be a lot of fun.

I am having a second poem published. It is called Pig. I don't know if it is on this site; but I'm sure it is.

Over the weekend I went thrift shopping with a friend and we had a blast. I got all kinds of decorating ideas at Goodwill; but funds don't permit me to buy those items just now. I barely got my rent paid this month. But since it is paid, I can relax until December first. I have actually gotten 3 day eviction notices twice now recently.

I am going to go to church with Victor on Sunday. He goes to this huge church nearby that I have been wanting to go to for a very long time; but have been to scared to go to alone. I really need this.

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