December 14, 2005

Same Difference

I got this weird e-mail. It said that it was from the CIA and that I had visited 30 illegal websites. That sounds kind of exciting. I know it is fake though. They asked me to answer a questionaire. I didn't open it though.

I will see a new gyno on Friday. He came reccomended. We shall see.

Tomorrow night I go to a Christmas play with Victor. I think it will be nice.

I had a big argument with my mom over Victor living here. Then I got a letter from the management company stating that since he is living here that he would have to be added to the lease. That also means that they would increase my rent by almost $100 per month. I have asked him to move and he sees the severity of the situation so is not upset about it.

Thursday afternoon I will go to a Project Return meeting where we will celebrate my friend's 62nd birthday.

Saturday I will go to the advisory board meeting where we will turn in paperwork documenting statistics and descriptions of our meetings. One of my meetings had 5 people one had four and another had just me. I created a flyer and have distributed it a little now.

Last Saturday night my friend Julie and I went to my Mom's Christmas party. She had tamales and some really good barbecued chicken. I was able to visit with my second cousin and his wife who don't live far from here as well as my cousin Lori who lives nearby. She is a couple of years yourger than I am. I am considering asking her if she'd like to go in on a tri-plex with Julie and I.

Sunday I went to see Rent (the movie) at a theater that charges only $2 per movie before 6p.m. I know people who rave about the play but for some reason I wasn't that thrilled with the movie. I was very glad I went and did something by myself though.

Yesterday I went and had my hair done at a beauty school called Marinello's. They only charged me $10 for a shampoo, cut, blow dry and curl. I left there looking like Farah Fawcett or maybe That 70's Show.

Yesterday Victor and I took a 45-60 minute walk around the neighborhood. We went in the morning and it was invigorating.

I heard a report on the radio today that said that Sam-E is really good for depression and anxiety as well as attention problems and inflamation of the joints. I really would like to titrate off of my Lexapro and Lamictal onto that because there are no side effects with it. I am tired of Drs telling me that there are no side effects to these meds. Phooey!

Next week is the Project Return Christmas Party. I am really looking for to that.

I wrote a new poem. It is Optimistic.

I, the mountain dreamer
will be a joyous deliberate creator
of the life I desire
I seek purification of my heart
continuity, eternity,
serenity,and tranquility.
I escape to the journey within
and I shall follow my North Star
to the disappearance of the universe.

I will find the miracles of forgiveness;
pick daily fruit from the tree of life
witness twelve prayers
become twelve wild swans
and awaken free
from an ordinary and confused mind.

And with the pace of grace
this seeker will not stop
until she finds.
This is my story which I have related...
take some elsewhere and let some
come back to me.

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