February 23, 2006

Brain Freeze

I still haven't received a call from the school district about my start date. I am bored silly here.

Yesterday I saw Goodnight and Goodluck and I really liked it. My friend slept through most of it though. My Dad was fired from his prison gaurd job in the 70's in Texas because Mom is in the socialist party and Nixon's administration didn't care for that. My parents had already divorced by then; but that didn't matter. Before my mom and dad met my dad was a mortician. People get a kick out of hearing about my parent's jobs. My mom used to be a train engineer.

Tomorrow I am going to talk to a realtor who might be able to help me buy a condo. I am really excited about it. My friend and I are meeting the realtor at my friend's house at 11:30 a.m. I was supposed to have coffee with Fardin at 11:00; but will postpone until possibly Saturday.

Lester from Las Vegas (my Penpal)didn't come last Saturday. It was a bit of a bummer.

Tomorrow night I might attend a meeting for depressive and manic depressive people with a friend.

Friday I am going to visit my friend Annie. She wants to go to a park near her home.

I saw my friend Ron today and he asked me to throw a party and I told him that I would before summer but that I can't afford it right now.
I want to give him a referral to a roomate finder. He needs to find a place to live. He lives in a sober living house.

The dr. increased my levoxyl today because I told him that my energy is low lately.

I would like to go to a spoken word event on March 1. I have to see if there is a drink minimum. It is held at The Conga Room. Also, I would like to got to a little party at The Getty on Friday the third. There will be a band and you may tour the galleries.

I am still waiting for my glasses to be made. I ordered them on December 17 and they are not ready yet. The prisoners keep rioting and I guess they are not done making them yet. There have also been a lot of foggy days and they don't work on foggy days. I don't know if I already said that but I think it is quite bizarre.

I have had no inspiration to write poetry lately. I must start to journal again and then maybe the ideas will roll.

A week or two ago Victor looked out and saw these gang bangers jump out of a car by this building next door. We were both scared as it was the middle of the night. We stayed very quiet. We figure that they were tagging the building next door. Today that building is up for sale. We really want to move out of this area. In the area that they mentioned I might work in I heard that a 85 year old women was beaten to death while taking a morning stroll. A woman in her twenties was shot there by a gang recently too. I was kind of considering moving to Valencia, CA; but may move to Woodland Hills instead. I will have to work in whatever area they send me to.

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