February 16, 2006

Hot to Cold

The weather went from hot to cold here really quickly. We were having 90's on Sunday and now 60's. I went to the park with Athena on Sunday and we played in the sandbox. We also made vlentine magnets for the refrigerator. Today I went to Starbuck's with Fardin and it turned really cold. I mean it isn't that cold in relation to other places in the north and midwest; but I didn't wear a coat today.

I'm bored because I am waiting for my security clearance with the school district. It is a huge beauracracy. I have not gotten a call yet about my start date. I don't have to interview. If they call tomorrow then I start on Tuesday; because Monday is a holiday. My first payday will be March 17th Saint Patrick's Day. I will be paid monthly.

I am well now in terms of the ear infections. The dr. I saw for it was a quack. (I don't know if I mentioned that.) He didn't lay a hand on me. We had a conversation as I sat in a chair. The intern nurse got my height, weight, and temperature wrong. It was a downer.

I am no longer running the meeting on Tuesday night. It was too stressful and not worth it.

I didn't go to choir practice last night because she held it at Portals a m.h. program around Korea Town and that is far from my house. It would have been impossible for me to take trains and buses at 7:30 p.m. when it ended. She held a rehearsal/dance/dinner last night for Valentine's Day. That would have been fun; but living where I do makes it impossible to travel.

I bought a bus pass so travel has been easier for me locally. I went to see my friend Annie in the west part of this valley.

I was hoping for warm weather this weekend so that Victor, Athena, and I could go swimming at my Mom's house; but we may have rain.

I was reading some really good articles on the npr site about mentally ill people and housing. You can listen to articles there. Also, MSN has good articles on mental health if you search for that topic under health.

I am supposed to see my penpal on Saturday; but I don't have money to do anything. I hope it doesn't rain. If not then maybe we will just go to Balboa Lake. If it rains we could stay in and watch videos.

They have neat tours on gotobus.com. They have bus trips and other things. I found bus tours for Yosemite and San francisco for Los Angeles. They also have trips to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. My friend Julie wants to go to the Ensenada trip with me that includes a one night hotel stay and trips to different towns and the beaches.

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