February 10, 2006

Cleaning House

Asaph, Thanks for the comment you wrote. I hope you get a job soon. Are you going through an employment agency or are you seeking employment on your own? Where are you from?

I cleaned my house yesterday after not being able to for a little while. It has been hard lately due to the bit of a cold I have had.

I wrote a children's story. I think I need money to get some help with illustrations and publishing though. I will make this a priority when I am earning money.

Today I go to have my t.b. test read at 12:30. After that I am going to visit my friend Annie at her village. I will be able to call the school district after I have the results of the t.b. test. It is negative because I can see there is no reaction.

On Saturday the 18th I will see my penpal from Las Vegas and we will go to China Town here in Los Angeles. I can't wait! I went to some really cool shops in China Town San Fransisco in the summer. I want to buy some ginger tea and some coffee, sugar, milk combo packs. In San Fransisco I bought a cool leopard print golf hat. I guess it is a golf hat.

I didn't make it to the endo on Wednesday because I needed to be seen for the ears and take the t.b. test. I will have to wait until March now.

I talked my friend Fardin into taking an internship. He is 44 and thought it was too late to start over. I told him that people do that all the time. He recently reduced his meds and began going to the victory clubhouse. He said he doesn't like some language of the meetings like Schizophrenics Anonymous or Emotions Anonymous because they say that we are flawed and sinners. He wants something more positive. He brings me up because he is so positive and intelligent. He is an American citizen now but is a refugee from Iran because he is a Bahai and they are persecuted in his country. We will continue having coffee together in the afternoons after I am done working.

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