February 05, 2006

It's A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

I got a call on Friday from LAUSD. They hired me!! They have a spot picked out for me at an elementary school about five miles away from here. I just need the t.b. test. So I will get it and have it read this week and possibly begin the 13th.

I got a copy of Paperclips on dvd and a copy of The Weeping Camel also. I hope to watch one today.

I went on a long walk to see an apartment and discovered that I really don't like the neighborhood or the building itself. I have a couple more buildings that are very close by that I will go to soon.
I am looking in the 1,200 dollar range. I would prefer to buy; but don't know if that is possible or wise right now.

My Mom is in The Virgin Islands currently and will probably return on Thursday.

I had a bad meeting last Tuesday. The people were angry with me for not bringing the coffee cups. It was insane literally. I couldn't believe such a big deal was made over the lack of coffee. One person in particular was taking an over the counter amphetamine and was also drinking coffee. She wasn't supposed to be consuming caffeine with that pill. Her doctor okd the pill; but only on the condition of no coffee. She has a history of taking aderall or vicodin and getting a fix from them. She was very hostile about not having coffee at the meeting. They give me fifteen dollars for snacks or whatever the meeting needs and I had exceeded the budget before the end of the month. I was having a really bad day and this almost had me in tears. So I am really wondering if this meeting is aiding me enough to keep doing it. I really won't need the money after February.

I have had ear infections lately due to an ear deformity I was born with. My hearing is diminished currently and there is a little pain. I think it has improved considerably though.

I go see my therapist tomorrow and my endo on Wednesday. I wonder if I have lost weight since my last visit in September.

There is a really good music program on the radio on Sunday on KCRW 89.9 f.m. at 12:00 p.m. Pacific standard time. They play a variety of music from around the world and it is always a pleasant surprise. You can hear it on the internet.

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