February 01, 2006

"Every day is a new life"

I am a bit sad today. I saw my mom over the weekend and she was depressed. Her partner's Father and Aunt died the same day. My mom will fly to the virgin islands on Thursday. My Mom asked me if I would really be willing to make myself look good on a job interview for the school district and she kind of blamed me for it not happening faster. She is super critical sometimes. She said I look tired. She said that I would not be suitable for a position opening up soon at her school. She seemed so gung ho about me applying for this job.

I went to the advisory board meeting on Saturday. I learned about some excellent things coming up in Project Return. They will be doing trainings for a job position called housing coordinator. This position will develop housing situations for the mentally ill. They will hire someone to do this at every clinic. I really have a passion about housing and would love to take the training and do this job. It is just in the works though.

Another great thing is this chorus that someone is setting up for members of project return. The chorus is set to appear at the Los Angeles County Holiday Performance Day this year. I will audition for it and see what happens. This teacher has the dream of travelling with the chorus and making a cd. I am very excited about this.

I saw an old friend play in a rock band today at a birthday party at the Victory Clubhouse. He sang and I really liked the lyrics.

Tomorrow I will get to pick up my new levels of meds that the dr. prescribed last Wednesday. I went to pick them up on Thursday and they told me that I couldn't pick them up because I had maxed out my medi-cal meds limit. That was depressing. I take six different drugs. On the way back home from the pharmacy I saw a lady picking and eating out of the garbage. I didn't like that. I felt that she probably is mentally ill or on drugs because she had a heart shaped shaved spot on the back of her head. Then there was this guy on the dash bus who thinks that he is elvis and started saying stupid things to these kids (in Spanish). "I don't have six eyes I only have two eyes." I felt like falling apart after they told me that I had overrun my flexible spending account.

I watched Oh brother where art thou again today. I had seen it years ago and I loved it and bought the soundtrack.

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