January 26, 2006

What the...?!!!

I just returned from the psych and he seems to think that I am actually bipolar (again). Can you dig it? Maybe in 6 months they will give me a new title. Anyhow he gave me a drug for thyroid called Lev something or other (I can't read the writing). So I am excited that I get something to improve my energy level. Also if I lose 40-50 pounds I would be quite alright. My dr. was not thrilled with my adjustments to my meds. He says to take the Abilify and the Lexapro in the morning.

I met my boyfriend Victor's five year old daughter over the weekend and it went quite well. She liked it at my house and stayed over Saturday night. We went to The Getty Center together. Maybe I will get to see her again this weekend.

I still have not received the letter from LAUSD yet. I can't wait.

I finally got a good haircut. The lady told me to just let the color grow out because she likes my natural color. I had damaged it by coloring it.

We can't really move yet because we are not working. Well Victor only works 2 days per week. I work 2 hours per week.

My step-mom is having heart complications following her hip replacement surgery. I will most likely wait to see my family until summer; but I may want to go sooner. My mom's partner is losing her father. He is receiving hospice now in The virgin Islands. My Grandpa is depressed in Arkansas. We lost my Grandma a few years ago and he lives way out on a farm by himself.

My penpal in Las Vegas (Lester) sent me some really good ginger tea. It is Chinese I think. He is coming to L.A. on February 14. He says he wants to come to my meeting that day.

I had eight people at my meeting last night. I felt it was a downer because a couple was kind of giving jabs at each other in the meeting. Maybe that is just my general feeling these days.

I went to the library and checked out a buch of cool stuff including some opera by Andrea Bocelli. I also got a yoga videotape, a dancing videotape, a video on mammals and the book Stella Luna for Athena (Victor's girl).

Tomorrow is Starbuck's with Fardin at 11:00. We will get high on caffeine and illogic.

My supervisor and I are speaking again. We happen to be best friends. It was all a misunderstanding. I do that sometimes with my friends. I think something has gone wrong and in fact everything is fine.

I have thought of publishing some of my blogs in a book. It is all pretty crazy stuff. Mostly just drama though maybe.

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