January 20, 2006

I went to my interview

Wednesday I went to my job interview. I felt it went well but I will not know until they mail me a letter about it. I can't wait to work again.

I had my meeting on Tuesday evening and a father and son came to it. The son was maybe 11 or so. They were inquiring about the boy's mom. She is bipolar and she refuses medication. So she is jeapordizing her family by doing all of these strange behaviors. She is distressing her children. The county department of social services is in the picture now. One member gave the father advice on how to commit her to a hospital. The dad is in denial. He is afraid of repurcussions from his wife if he puts her on a 72 hour hold. After the other member left the meeting I gave him a piece of my story so that he could see that we appreciate being put out of our misery when we are psychotic. Not at first, but later on. I also referred him to an alliance for the mentally ill meeting where he can learn the mechanics of placing someone on a 72 hour hold straight from parents and others who have been on the other side of the situation.

I went to see a dvd with my friend Annie at her board and care. It is a huge facility. Four of us watched Anchorman and I didn't care for it. They liked it though. She has a bully at her village and I think I must report it.

I had a few people over on Monday for tamale pie. My mom and two of my friends came.

I decided to take 9 units at a community college in Spring. It starts on February 6. I will take child development (the child in a diverse society), lit. for school age children, yoga, and cooperative education. Cooperative education allows me to earn 4 units while working. I must create 3 objectives at work with a supervisor and then at the end of the semester the supervisor will give me a grade on my objectives. I might need to start volunteering in order to start that class so that I can enroll in it before the second week of the semester. Volunteer work counts toward credit also.

On Thursdays my friend Fardin and I have been meeting at my house for coffee but this week I ran out of coffee and so we went to Starbuck's instead. We like to discuss religion and philosophy. Sometimes we discuss medication and therapeutic activities too. I really enjoy my time with him.

On Thursday afternoon I reported to Social Security to turn in my paperwork as they had requested me to do. I just had to list my case again. They ask for your daily activities and if you have worked or been in a department of rehabilitation program. The worker who took my papers was a snit. She really had an attitude. She has no business providing services to disabled people.

I might get to go to the Getty Museum tomorrow. They have a couple of interesting looking photo exhibits which end this weekend. On Sunday my friend Tish will come for a piece of tamale pie and later Henry will come so that I can help him with paperwork. Last we spoke he was dragging his feet about calling jewish vocational services.

My friend is getting to move to a new section 8 apartment. She had been living in a nice apartment; but needs to move because they are dealing drugs by her apartment and there is constant police activity there. I hope I find a decent apartment soon. I might get to see one in a nice area tomorrow that has a fairly low rent compared to others in Los Angeles. I reported that I would be moving in March and the manager said that she would give me a thirty day notice on February 1. I guess they are to the letter here on their policies. I hope that if we have not gathered enough paystubs by then that they are a teeny bit flexible with us.

Next weekend I have the advisory board where I get paid. I can't wait to get paid. I want to shop on Sunday. The strange thing is my boss isn't speaking to me anymore. She and I used to be good friends; but now things are tense. She can't really handle the fact that my diagnosis is not the same as hers anymore (amongst other issues).

Victor is starting his job slowly since they have not given him many hours yet. He is waiting for his fbi clearance. He is working in the office until they can give him a security assignment. He is taking a real estate course at night.

I am a little nervous about the transit system here because of the Bin Laden threat. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for us to exit the war in Iraq. Also, they are threatening to kill a Christian Science Monitor reporter in Iraq if the Iraqi women prisoners are not released soon. The military is playing with this young lady's life by stating that the women won't be released until next week. We (the U.S. government) is trying not to look foolish or weak; but the time for posturing has ended.

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