March 21, 2006

Housing is Scarce

I am a little bummed because Victor is only getting 20 hours per week at work which means that we can only afford $600 per month on rent. Here in Los Angeles County $600 only gets you a room in someone's apartment or house. My rent is due to increase in May. Then it will be $930 per month I think. That is still more than my SSI check. We really can't live here together because the place doesn't have a bedroom. It only has a loft area to sleep. He is nocturnal and likes to watch t.v. late. I am considering the two of us sharing a house with one or two more people. I don't really know if that is a solution though.

I have decided to sign up for Health Net an HMO; so that I can possibly get better health care. I saw this Dr. last Thursday in Beverly Hills (Dr. Doostan)and he was really rather rude and rough. He didn't bother to give me a referral to a sleep clinic for sleep apnea. He told me to find one on the internet. So I went down there for nothing. I left there really depressed.

I am going to call two friends back. I've decided that it is too lonely without them.

I am going to see my Mom today and tomorrow I see my shrink. On Thursday I see Fardin for coffee and Friday I see my therapist. My life is very dull; but I have my health to thank for that. I would really love to see the movie Tsotsi today. I went to look for a store in North Hollywood yesterday where I was told I could buy new articles of clothing for $1. It took me a while to find it as I was off by a few blocks on the bus and then it turned out to be not such a cool place to shop. A few days ago I went to a $5 store and got 3 items. I also went to a thrift shop near there and got a few things. I received a paycheck from my job with Project Return:The Next Step. I beleive I still have one more check coming.

I am thinking of applying to Easter Seals Home Select program to buy a condo. They might be able to assist us since we both have income.

When people call and ask what I am up to I say not a whole lot. It is a bit embarrasing to be so idle. Victor got me a cell phone and I really have no use for it. Since I was going to be working; I would have had a reason to have it. So now I must create a purpose for it.

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