March 26, 2006

More Words

There may be no summer
this summer I may not see
unless I heal from this disease.
Summer I may not see
unless from this pain
a doctor releases me.
Unless a government doctor
takes pity on me.
No doctor has listened
no one has seen this sick body
only seen a sick mind.
So this summer perhaps no love,
concerts, beach, travel, family, or children.
Because no one could melt glaciers in my ovaries
no one would be alerted to suffering
focusing all energies on mind matters
fascinated with mental weakness
not on a life threatened.
I may die a death of poverty (eventually)
but please trained healer don't abandon me.

Love is a Ghost

Please love, if I must leave
don't forget me.
Don't be disappointed
that our love grew slowly
don't be saddened
because in time love has quality
For two years I waited patiently
for the folly of your youth
And you came back again and again.
You knocked;I answered.
I knew love before you;
but you finally came begging
and out love did lock.
You cannot deny my patience.
If we separate;
know that it is not my choice.
Poor timing as it may seem;
I will visit you in a dream.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at March 26, 2006 10:54 PM


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