May 01, 2006

I'm 37 now.

Thanks for writing a response to my blog. I appreciate knowing that someone is reading these words. I had my 37th birthday on Saturday the 29th of April. I saw my Mom for breakfast at Cocoa's (where we always eat the cinnamon French toast combo)and then she took me on a shopping spree at the 99 cent store. I bought some drinking glasses, a pair of kitchen scissors, a wall mirror, some tuna, some red bell peppers, some foccaccia bread, some raspbery lotion, some mascara, some earrings and a matching necklace, some hair clips, and a donkey. (just joking) Then I met a friend at the Jewish women's council thrift store and we found cool stuff.I bought a couple of vases, and some really cute black velvet thongs with a flower attached between the toes. We also went to Goodwill nearby where I purchased some skirts, a cd carrier, and a book. Down the street a bit we found a store where the skirts were $5.99 apiece. I bought a pink one that is sort of a marbled velvet.

On Sunday my Mom and Laura took me to The L.A. Times book Festival at UCLA. We all had a blast! We split up and went to different panels. My Mom and I went to a Creative Nonfiction panel together and later I went to a poetry panel. My Mom and Laura read a lot of mysteries so they went to two or three of those seminars. While they were inside I went to the poetry tent where I was fortunate enough to get to hear a deaf Russian poet read. Since he had a bit of an accent he passed out his book and we followed along by reading. His work was fascinating and his voice was magnificent. He practically sung his poetry. He spoke very loud with a Russian Jewish accent. His writing is so intelligent and he writes in a much more educated and experienced way than I do. I went to the Bodhi tree book store tent which is a store that sells metaphysical books. I bought a couple of books for $4. There was a man there playing singing bowls and telling people which chakra the sound was helping. It was quite soothing.

Tomorrow I start my course in peer counseling. I am happy that I have that to look forward to now. The teacher said he thought that I would be a great asset to the class since I was in school as recently as 2003 and I have my A.A. degree. He asked if I thought that I would want to finish my degree in Human Services. That was really pretty exciting. I am planning on taking a course this summer in Psychology. It covers the entire life span. It is only on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. This way I only have to be there one day. Other courses require 5 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. I actually had wanted to take Spanish; but this is a better situation for me.

I hope to convince my Dr. to give me a hysterectomy by Fall. That is my goal. I will tell him that I am completely hysterical and that is my only hope for sanity. That if he doesn't believe me that he can read my blog. (Yawn) People are very thrilled that there was no evidence of cancer and it is hard to explain that there really is still something wrong. So I walk like I'm fragile and maybe look slightly pregnant (like penguin balancing its egg); but that is the only way I can get around these days.

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