June 12, 2006

Naproxen and Lexapro

Do these two drugs mix well? Now that I've been taking them simultaneously for about one month now I am beginning to think that they don't go together. Web MD says not to take them together because they both cause bleeding. So I am going to call the pharmacy tomorrow to ask. I have been feeling very sluggish since starting the Naproxen. It is another name for Alleve.

I went to my mom's retirement dinner and had a blast. I dressed very nice and got lots of compliments. I also read a poem I wrote for the occasion. I will print it at the end of this blog. My mom was thrilled with it and I got lots of compliments on it. My sister Marci flew in from Texas and my cousin Lori and good friend Tina were there. Tina is my Mom's adopted daughter. We met in a day treatment program. There was a live jazz quartet and after the presentations we danced to a live d.j. Some of us are going to get together soon to go do Salsa dancing. I had a very tasty filet mignon and some cheese cake for dessert.

Yesterday I hung out at my mom's pool with my family. My sister is a teacher and had to fly home today to teach summer school. We had In and Out hamburgers yesterday. They are a drive through hamburger place.

Victor is no longer living here. I'm really not supposed to have anyone living here who is not on the lease. But the truth of the matter is that he is in an episode and is not due to get help until the 26th I think.

I organized this party at a restaurant for Tuesday night but I am concerned that a check I deposited won't clear before then. So I may not be going.

My friend Wendy might come see me tomorrow because she will be in my neighborhood. We were supposed to have gotten together today to do some thrift shopping; but it didn't work out. She was too tired to deal with buses and I am too broke to get much use out of the $1 table.

My mom is not moving to Texas after all. My sister may need to relocate to another area so my mom might just by a four plex near my sister so that she can rent three and keep one as a part time place to stay in Texas.

Toward the end of the month I will get a check from work. I called the Friendship Line ( a local warm line for and by mental health consumers) to see if they are hiring and the guy told me to call the boss. So I will call tomorrow.

I am considering finding a roommate to share a two bedroom apartment. At the low end they start at $1,050 per month. That is a little iffy though. You never know if the person will be compatible with you or not. So my rent would be $525-$600 per month. I might not meet someone online. I might wait to go to a roommate social at the inedpendent living center that happens near the end of the month. Then I might stand the chance of meeting someone who is not judgemental.

This one friend of my mom who I saw at the retirement party was rather rude to me. She said almost the same stuff to me at Christmas which was the last time I saw her. She asked if I am working and I said no. Then she said well what are you doing then, going to school? I said no I am just trying to stay well. She said what is wrong and I explained ovarian pain. I said I was trying to get a surgery and she for what? I said to have them removed. Luckily she turned and started talking to someone else right about then. Rude as rude can be. She is not my favorite person.

This is what I wrote for my Mom.

F.A.W.; Resume

address: Anywhere my heart desires.

I am applying for the position of free bird.
I have always been interested in working for The Ticket to the World Company.
Some of my unique skills and experience which make me the ideal candidate for this position are:

Sailboat Captain,
Published Writer,
Costa Rican Butterfly Chaser,
Backyard Landscaper,
Railroad Engineer,
Amateur Crime Solver,
Craggy Mountain Horseback Rider,
Family Firefighter,
Channelor of the Spirit of Annie Oakley,
Descendant of Grape Pickers,
Therapist to the Multitudes,
Grandma to Many,
Passionate Educator,
Spanish Aficionado,
The Most Wanted Political Activist by The Nixon Government,
Ambassador to France,
Stand up Comedian,
And Astronaut to the planet Cut Up and Cut Loose.
Soon my goals will have no time restrictions.
No need to respond to bells.
I can purchase a one way ticket or a round trip ticket to anywhere on earth.

Time is endless.

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