June 19, 2006

Rio anyone?

The other day I was listening to a local morning radio program where they give away a trip a day. So you insert your name and if they call it you have 45 minutes to call in. So they called Colleen somebody or other and I was online and looked up her name and the city they said she lives in. I called her and got her machine. I left her a message to say she had won and to call the station. So a little while later she called and she chose a trip to Rio, Brazil. That was fun.

I had some bad news today. When I called my dad to say happy father's day he told me that my step-mom had knee surgery last Friday and is now having heart complications and has a blood clot in her lungs. This really saddens me and makes me realize I may never speak to her again. I realize how selfish I have been for a long time now by not calling more often and by focusing on myself and my own issues. I need to be more of an adult now. There in fact is a ceiling on life. I can no longer take the attitude of victim.

The dinner party for ups and downs (a club for mentally ill people) last Tuesday was cancelled because we didn't have time to prepare for it. We rescheduled for July 4. I want to get an ad up on meetup.com They have groups there related to your interests, beliefs, and issues that have meetings. You have to pay for space for advertisement though.

I saw Wendy, Fardin, Ron, and Annette this past week. They visited with me on different days so I have been busy.

I have sent my resume out to two jobs lately. I cannot guarantee that I will be successful even if I am hired because of the fatigue I have been experiencing. I am going to ask the Dr. if I can reduce my Lexapro or Lamictal. That might help. I learned that they are not hiring at the friendship line.

I am considering finishing my B.A. in English and then continuing on to get a masters in art therapy. They have a couple of programs in my area which makes it more approachable than training as an occupational therapy assistant. For the OTA I would have had to travel 1hr and 45 min by train to school twice a week.

I spoke with my mom about moving into a studio apartment and she thought that a studio would be too small for me. I found one nearby that is only $625 per month. That would be a huge relief on me financially. I am going to go view it this week.

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