June 28, 2006

I discovered a new website.

I found this website where you can have your short stories critiqued by other writers and also you review their work. You review 5 stories and then you get to have one story reviewed. It is with Zoetrope a company that makes movies and has a magazine for short fiction. I love the magazine. So I am excited about getting my work reviewed and possibly getting published later on.

My Step-mom got out of the hospital last Thursday. She had them use paddles on her heart a week ago and it worked. She is having a lot of asthma so I did not talk that long with her.

Yesterday I went shopping and out to lunch with my friend Wendy and we had a lot of fun. She showed me how you can get bargains at high end department stores if you just check the bargain racks. So Macy's was having a 50% off sale on certain things and 30% off of that. So I got a really pretty wine colored blouse with a shrug to wrap around and tie in front. The tank that goes underneath has little sparkely sequins. That came to $14. I also found a nice bath sheet for $7 and a $15 pair of Bass sandals. We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant where we had the lunch special. It was a peaceful restaurant as opposed to the loud food court at the mall.

My ex-boyfriend returned from Virginia where he had been repairing his Dad's property. So I think we are going to meet at a Starbucks soon.

I applied to work at a residential camp for adults with develpmental disabilities in The San Bernadino Mountains. I have an interview tomorrow in Santa Monica. I am a little hesitant about going though. A little afraid. But right now no one is calling about the resumes I sent out so that may be the best thing to do. It is one wek long and pays $350. It is from July 15-22.

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