July 01, 2006

Who Knows?

I have an interview today at 2:30 for a caregiver position for a quadraplegic man. I really hope I get it because it pays $60 per day. Right now it would be temporary; but it could turn permanent. It starts on Tuesday. It is only from 9-11 a.m. I am going to fax my resume to an Independent Living Skills Aide job at a local mental health clinic. It is actually to work in a residential setting with adolescents with mental illness. That job is only 9-1 on Saturdays and Sundays.

I didn't go to the interview for the summer camp. I couldn't decide if I would really like it and if $350 is enough for the long hours he was asking that we work. Also I would like to be in town for concerts etc. There is one coming up on the 16th at The Hollywood Bowl which is a Bollywood music night. I would love to go to that.

On Thursday I went thrift shopping with my 22 year old cousin from Texas. It was a lot of fun. She had come to California to work on at a horse stable but it didn't work out. She is very experienced with that work. She is also an artist and loves to do horse portraits. I hadn't seen her for a few years. I bought things for my apartment and some clothes. I bought some gold chenille pillows for 99 cents apiece and a vanity mirror for $5. I also bought a throw with bands of gold, rust, and orange. I got some black sandals from 9 west that don't look worn and a skirt that has black plaid and pink ribbon piping. I found a new microwave steamer too. I can steam rice, vegetables, or meat in there.

I am considering going back to Macy's for a 90% off sale that lasts until Tuesday. That is 90% off of everything in the store. I overpayed my rent last month by $96 so I have a little extra.

I went to my new shrink on Wednesday and she was very nice. She asked me just a few questions. One question she asked was do you have a history of cutting. Also she asked if I have incidences at home. And when I asked what she meant she said do you have outbursts. I told her that I live alone and no I don't have outbursts. I can't figure out why she asked about cutting though.

Friday I stayed home and cleaned my apartment. I went out in the evening for some Teriyaki.

I have decided not to move just now because Victor and I are splitting up and there is no point. I could save maybe 100 per month; but with the cost of a deposit, the boxes and the movers, it would be futile. Also, I am ready to work now so I can possibly earn enough to make it here. So I have started to redecorate and hang more things on the walls.

I want to have a pool party at my Mom's before mid July. I am seeing Fardin for Thai food tomorrow if the world cup does not keep him home. Monday I signed up for a free screening at a local independent theater. That should be fun. Soon they will be having the free outdoor concerts at The Getty Center.

Maybe if working works out I will get a car in a few months. That would be so exciting. I would have so much more freedom that way. I am also trying to take the last 22 units at my University. I must get the money together.

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