July 08, 2006


I asked Victor to leave; so he left a few minutes ago taking his belongings. It was unmanageable. He had kept me up all night on Thursday night making it impossible for me to go to Ventura beach with my mom and cousin. He borrowed money from me and hasn't returned it yet. The whole relationship was chaotic.

I might go to a concert tonight at the Getty Center. It is at 6p.m. My cousin is looking for something to do so I thought I would ask her. The only thing is that she awoke with a stiff neck today. That might have to do with an accident we witnessed yesterday.

An old man was hit in his scooter type wheelchair as he was crossing the street. We were all very stressed about it because we thought he might be dead. He was scraped up and was able to stand and walk. They took him away in an ambulance. He was crossing against a red light.

My ex-boyfriend called and we might get together soon. He wanted to get together for a jazz concert Friday night at the L.A. County Museum of Art but it didn't work out.

I applied to Americorps. They offer jobs where you gain experience and at the end they give you a stipend for your education. You can use it toward loans or toward future tuition. Usually the tours of duty last a year and they provide you with a living stipend and health insurance. I am applied for a few positions in the L.A. area. It might mean relocating but that would be ok.

I received my appointment for Gynecology at a county hospital. I had been waiting since May. It is for August 22. I am having intermittent pain in my ovaries.

I am supposed to report to jury duty in August. I think it is the 20th. I have never done it before because I have always had an excuse of some kind. The courthouse is not far from here. I guess you cannot plead insanity to be excused.

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