July 12, 2006

Officially on Meetup.com

I made my meeting official on Meetup.com. I am inviting people by e-mail like crazy. I have two maybes. We had an old member return last night after an absence. She was a good friend of mine and I am glad she was speaking to me. I felt like giving up last night because one member told me that the meeting used to uplift her and now it does not. I think it is that she is over medicated and bored with her day program. I get tired of hearing how great the meeting used to be when there were so many members.

I am going to attempt to add Spanish 3 on Monday at a community college nearby. It is full but someone might fail to attend. It is a daily class which meets from 8-11:20 a.m. I really need to have something to do during the day. I just think that if I can get to school by 8 then I can be out and about for the day. I also want to take P.E. Now I must call the school to find out if I must enroll register before I can go attempt to add a class.

My Aunts arrive in L.A. today. My sister comes from Texas on Monday. I love to see them. My sister is bringing her four year old daughter so that is fun too.

I believe that Victor went into the hospital last night. That was anxiety provoking for me. I couldn't sleep and was waiting for him to return and start buzzing my door again. But he didn't come back and I took a Trazadone to fall asleep after midnight.

I am meeting Will on Friday. We haven't decided where to meet yet though. He is temporarily staying in San Pedro and that is very far from me. I am hoping we can meet downtown or in Hollywood. I was just thinking that maybe we could go to a concert downtown at luchtime.

I have been wanting to go to a concert at The Hollywood Bowl; but haven't made it there yet. My friend Annette wants to attend a concert or reading at The Hammer museum at UCLA.

I am planning to attend a poetry meetup in Sherman Oaks on Saturday at 3:00. I am supposed to bring 10 copies of the poems I want read there.

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