July 26, 2006

Beautiful Possibilities

I went to The Getty Center on Saturday night with Will and we saw a couple of bands. There was a klezmer band and also a Latin rock band. We walked around the gardens and watched lightning firing across the sunset sky from high up on the mountainside overlooking L.A. Will had never been there before so he said he would like to return. After that we went to In and Out Burger and came to my house to eat it. We talked until 1:30 and finally he peeled himself up and left. We were both sleepy by then.

On Sunday I saw my sister and we went to dinner at a Teriyaki place by me and then we went to see Lady in the Water. We both really enjoyed it. There was a mentally ill man in there that had a pretty important part. It was a character which was given dignity and intelligence. He seemed to suffer from depression if not more and to possibly be agorophobic. Anyway after I went to the movie we went to eat dessert.

On Monday I saw my friend Shadowy Fred Fardin and we went to eat pizza and the to the central library downtown. It is a huge place and I am in awe of it. It is 4 or 5 stories and is quite modern. I got some videos and cds. I also got a book about art towns in America. It is very good. It tells you the best towns to live in or just to visit according to their culture and other things like weather and cost of living. I also got a cookbook by Rachel Ray.

I forgot to mention something which made me quite happy (ecstatic actually) which is that Will asked me to move with him to Virginia. I never considered that a place that I wanted to move to before; but now I am getting excited about leaving here. His Grandma left his Dad a house and Will is considering living there. He is also considering moving to Washington State. Either way I am excited. That is why I got the book on art towns.

Tomorrow I am going to San Diego in the morning and will return on Thursday evening. I am going with family. On Saturday we will go to Venice Beach and then Tuesday to hear jazz at Hollywood and
Highland. On August 6 my friend Annette and I will go to the Skirball museum to see an American music festival. I may go to visit Will on Thursday August 4th for the art walk in San Pedro.

I got a letter from Americorps and they asked which Homeless Veterans location I wanted them to send my application to. I guess I could apply and then decide later whether or not I want the job. I really don't know which location I will be living in yet.

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