July 29, 2006

Been There Done That

I went to San Diego for two nights and three days. We went to the Gas Lamp District where they have a lot of restaurants and nightlife and I had a piece of baklava that was really good. They gave us a free sample of chocolate at Girhardellis chocolate store. I am sure I mispelled the G chocolate store but you get the drift. We also went to Balboa Park and went to a couple of museums. We went to a photo exhibit by women photographers and all three took photos of war amongst other subjects. Then we went to the Mingue Museum which is a folk art museum there. We saw an exhibit on carnival and how it is celebrated in countries around the world. The mood there was joyful as they had videos showing actual footage from places like Rio, Switzerland, Bolivia, and Africa with music and dancing. We also found a pier one imports outlet store where I found a table top for 5 dollars. It has a neat tapestry with beads at the center. I must find a table that it fits on. I also got a colorful door mat with woven strips of cloth and a red and white glass vase. I went into a shop that sells cards and gag things and found a card that asks does your job suck, are you in debt? etc. Then take ****itol. It has a picture of a pill capsule that looks like Prozac. I got it for my friend.

I went to Venice Beach today with my friend Annette to meet up with some other members of Project Return: The Next Step; but we could not find them. We walked for a while and then my friend said she was too hot and we came home. We were gone and total of two hours and it took 20 minutes to travel there one way. Although I wished that we could have stayed longer; I did get to buy a pretty pink Indian blouse with some beads sown around the chest area. It was only $12 because they were having a closeout and it was 50% off the regular price.

My sister is going home on Monday and I will probably see her tomorrow. I might invite my family over tomorrow for dessert and that way they can meet my friend Annette.

I am considering just dropping the idea of the jazz concert unless I can find someone to go with. So far no one is taking me up on the offer. I would hate to sit down there by myself.

I grew a little sad the other night as I thought of Athena my ex-boyfriend Victor's daughter. I think she needed me and I needed her; but I guess I have no way to see her again.

Did I mention the concept of the spiritual emergency? That is what Annette told me she read about and it refers to psychosis. I agree with that term. I really love it. I think that we are having a spiritual crisis when we go mad. Life becomes unmanagable and we seek higher ground. I wonder if anyone else agrees with this.

I checked out a cd of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma from the library and it is so beautiful and relaxing. I can imagine a waterfall or a fountain as I hear the bells.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at July 29, 2006 08:52 PM


I've only just come across this entry. I wish I'd learned of it closer to your actual posting date. Nonetheless, in case you review your older entries, I have plenty of information related to psychosis and spiritual emergency on my own blog. You are welcome to stop in and review it at any time.

Posted by: spiritual_emergency at August 13, 2006 12:36 AM

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