August 18, 2006

I am applying to Antioch University

I spent a long time last night writing an essay for my application to Antioch University in Culver City,California. I still haven't submitted the online application yet because I must wait to get the $60 app. fee. That is finally a move in a positive direction. I thought maybe I could tie in creative writing with psychology to form a degree that would enable me to work with special populations like abused people or people with mental illnesses.

Today is Friday and I had plans today that I don't know if I will be able to carry out because of the pain. My sister told my mom that she just started taking Sarafem for Prementstrual Disorder (it is actually called PMDD but I forget what the letters mean). That drug is actually Prozac. So I am going to try to get Prozac. I think that a Gynocologist might be hesitant to give me that because I am taking other antidepressants and they are not specialists in how to titrate these drugs. But I will try to get it anyhow on Tuesday when I go to Olive View Gynocology. Perhaps I won't need a surgery after all. Today it is hard to go up and down the stairs in my apartment because of the pain.

I actually stayed up all night last night. I was up till 4:30 a.m. That reeked! I made the mistake of taking Lexapro at night and I think that caused it. Before the Abilify was strong enough to make me sedated at night despite the Lexapro; but now with less Abilify I must begin taking the Lexapro in the morning.

I need to get to the pharmacy today. I could have them deliver possibly. I am going to call and ask for in-home supportive services which is a needs based program where they have a caregiver come and do chores for you if you are disabled. Somedays I can't do chores or run errands. I could use a ride to the dollar store sometimes or to a healthy/gourmet store that I can't get to by bus. It is a program offered by county social services.

I did not go out with the man from the meeting who asked me out eventhough he said it would be platonic. He is 50 and I am just not interested in him. I could go out with him just for fun; but I can't decide. I am not seeing Fardin today because he had something he had to do today. That seems to be how it is going for me lately. It actually worked out fine that way because I am sick.

I was supposed to go on an interview today with a company that hires teacher's assistants to go into homes and work with autistic children; but I decided I am not up to it. It pays $12 and up and is part time. I wasn't sure if they were going to demand that you have a car or not.

I want to talk to my supervisor about starting a club which is purely for fun. I used to run a club like that in the 90's and I enjoyed it. We would go bowling, to movies, play board games,etc. We could just meet at a restaurant and then go places together.

My mom just called and she just purchased a timeshare to a series of campgrounds and vacation rentals in the U.S. and Europe. She gets 10 free days and then she pays $49 per night after that. She wants me to invite friends to go on vacations with us. That sounds really neat. I can't wait!

I signed up on Yahoo personals. I have three responses so far. I am having fun with that. One guy asked me out for coffee at Starbuck's and I wrote him back to say that Sunday would work for me.

I am going to the poetry meetup at a local cafe tomorrow at 3:00. They e-mailed me and said that six other people are going. I must get 10 copies of each poem I want to share. This should be interesting. I will try to pick poems that are not that morose. I really hope that tomorrow is a healthier day for me.

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